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Within you lies a vast sea of light.  It lies in wait.  Silent.  Invisible.  POTENT BEYOND BELIEF.

It is this reservoir of primordial energy that we all ARE GIFTED TO HOLD when we come to earth.  WE begin our lives with it - we take it with us when we leave this world.  What is it?

IT IS YOUR SINGLE, GREATEST GIFT.  And most humans seem to be living largely without it.  Why?  Simply by default.  Simply by mistake. Simply in ignorance.  We simply don't know it is there.  BUT IT IS!

Every part of your higher consciousness knows of - and tends to - this very special sea of light within you.  Each of us hold a certain path while here on earth - and we come to that very path so that we can give our very unique, very rare gifts.  Those Gifts are held in sacred trust in this SEA OF LIGHT.

By discovering its presence, by learning of its purpose, by opening yourself to the full potential of what lives inside you . . . you open a doorway inside yourself to THE MOST PRECIOUS LIFE you can imagine living.  The blueprint for it is inside you.  And all the resources needed to bring it into presence lie there as well.

How to open that precious treasure?

Learn how our truest, most soulful gifts come forward in our lives.  Begin recognizing them when they sparkle and shimmer in your own life.  And understand how to open your awareness so that when it is time, you can truly step into them with a joyful heart.

We come to earth to do something truly special.  Something that our ESSENCE or SOUL thought would be our greatest joy to give the world.  Are you doing THAT?  Are you feeling THAT?  If not, then perhaps it is time . . . to uncover that sea of light within you.  The sacred space where all your GIFTS OF LIGHT await you.

YOU . . . are GIFTED.  It's time to live that.

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