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"GEORGIE'S GIFT - A JOYFUL PASSING" Portfolio (Video Collection)

"GEORGIE'S GIFT - A JOYFUL PASSING" Portfolio (Video Collection)

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A Special Being comes to open our eyes - and our hearts! - to the joy of life.
HE reveals for us a magical understanding of physical forms, and human life,
While ultimately leading us down the path to . . .

He lives this wisdom passionately:  "In losing your fear of illness and death  . . .  YOU TRULY BEGIN TO LIVE YOUR ONE PRECIOUS LIFE!"

Our AWAKENINGS videos are truly very special.  And this "GEORGIE'S GIFT" Collection brings us face to face with the power - and magic! - of soulful living.  He brings us to the very threshold of both THE UNKNOWN - and - THE GREAT BEYOND.  And in doing so, transforms the way we SEE each daily moment of our own life.  It is, in a word, TRANSFORMATIVE . . . to see life through his eyes.

Are you ready?  READY to allow the wisdom living deep inside of you to rise to the top, like the sweetest cream, and bless your every remaining breath?  WE DID . . . and life has, to be quite truthful, never again been the same.  In the very BEST of ways! 

We were deeply and powerfully blessed by Georgie's presence . . . may you be just as touched!

If you are really ready to DIVE IN fully - HEART, MIND & SOUL! -
I have created a special PORTFOLIO that holds all the videos
For this "GEORGIE'S GIFT" Collection.  

IT WILL BE INCLUDED in your cart AT A ZERO PRICE when you check out.  Once you complete the check out process - no payment required ;-) - a PDF with a secure link will be provided to you.  The link will allow you to view and/or download all the videos in this collection.  Just click . . . and enjoy!

For it is when we open - expand - and transform our selves within . . . THAT OUR OUTER LIVES CAN TRULY BE THEIR MOST JOYFUL!


As ever . . .


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