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After creating my MOONBEAMS GIFT OF LOVE 1, I - Georgie - felt compelled to share more of the wisdom I've discovered.  I have now created a third video which brings you more of the powerful ways we can choose a new perspective about both living and dying - and inspire our own lives to truly hold a deep bliss of the soul.

I hope you will be touched by my third gift.  I have so much more I could share . . . perhaps THIS - these videos and teachings - is MY destiny, too!   While I am still here on earth!  We'll see how this magical and inspired creation touches those we love.


This is the third in Georgie's series of gifts for awakening souls.  They are offered here for free, as many things are.   It is one of the most magical things about our shoppe ... Much of it is FREE!


As Georgie himself says . . . 
"I am the first and am inspiring a whole host of Beings
To come and join us, to share their wisdom and gifts
Of Light and Love in a very special way."
Right here - always for free. OUR GIFTS are just beginning.
Here.  Now.  And in deepest love. ENJOY!


Just add this special item to your cart above (top right) - check out for free -
And you will receive a digital download link.  (This is a pdf document which contains the video link.)
Simply click the download link at the end of checkout, download it to your device, double click the file in your downloads folder, and it will open the document. (GEORGIE SUGGESTS YOU CHOOSE "FULL PAGE VIEW" setting for the PDF - it looks prettiest that way and is easier to read!)
On the second page you will find a message from Georgie for this video, and a direct link to the video - just click and play. 
It plays from a secure site, vimeo, where you can watch this next video gift from Georgie, filled with love and soulful magic - and deep wisdom!
About life and death . . . and TRULY living!  
And be sure not to miss Georgie's other inspiring wisdom gifts and guests which can be found HERE when they arrive!

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