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It happened in an ordinary way.  It came, unbeknownst to me, and fluttered in to rest on my heart.  Eventually, I took notice.  And eventually, I turned my full attention to that which was there right before me.

I was about TO LEAVE.  My Death . . . was becoming more IMMINENT.  And within that imminence came a magical, beautiful CLARITY.  About LIFE.  About DEATH.  And about . . . TRUE LOVE!

While nowhere near on my death-bed, I became fascinated with a whole new aspect of life - what I will call . . . TRULY LIVING.  The living that we are called to do by our souls.  The living that our essence sings its deepest song of bliss when we embrace.  The living that . . . will mark both our living and our leaving . . . as it unfolds.

Surprisingly - to me at least, and likely to you - this IS our highest state of being in all moments, from birth to death.  It's just that we don't often SEE it glistening there in the shadows of what appears to be a much more flashy world - that of material existence.

But I am here to tell you this.  My extraordinary gifts of knowing . . . through the contemplation of my death... have forever changed how I see the material world - and especially - the bodies we live in.

So let me take you on a journey.  A powerful one of love, of light, of magical stories about TRUE LIFE.  You see, here is now the truth of me: I WANT TO DIE.  I cannot WAIT for it to happen!  Not because I am so unhealthy that I cannot survive here.  And not because I do not see a host of other things I might yet wish to do or be or experience.  It's about none of that.  It's because . . . I HAVE SEEN my death unfold before my very eyes . . . and oh my goodness!  It is beyond even my own wildest dreams or recollection.

It is ethereal, yes - but it is the MOST enchanting physical thing you will ever experience.  And I mean that with all of my heart.

I've chosen to share with you here . . . THE TRUTHS OF LIFE and DEATH . . . 'TRULY LIVING'.  I hope they will bless you on your journey of both living and dying, as they have done me.  For you see . . . they hold the deepest, truest KEY to . . . TRUE LOVE.  And, after all, isn't that what LIFE is really about?!

I say YES.  Come, sit at my paws while I whisper to you some of my newest, most magical knowings.  My time is coming.  And I cannot WAIT! 

Can you say that . . . too? ;- )


And so began the very special gifts a friend's cat - Georgie - came to me to create.  They are offered here for free, as many things are.   It is one of the most magical things about our shoppe...

Much of it is FREE!


As Georgie himself says . . . 
I am the first and am inspiring a whole host of Beings
To come and join us, to share their wisdom and gifts
Of Light and Love in a very special way.
Right here - always for free. OUR GIFTS are just beginning.
Here.  Now.  And in deepest love. ENJOY!


Just add the item to your cart above - check out for free -
And you will receive an instant link that brings you a digital document with video links.  For best viewing, we suggest you choose FULL SCREEN VIEW when you open the PDF document.  The links will take you directly to Georgie's videos on VIMEO where you can play and listen to his message.  This GIFT #1 includes 3 separate videos we created for Georgie's powerful, playful, beautiful messages about life and death . . . and TRULY living!
And be sure not to miss Georgie's other inspiring wisdom videos and his other invited guests HERE.

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