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"FULL * CIRCLE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"FULL * CIRCLE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

$ 77.77
This Sacred Essence
Takes everything that has been
. . . And envelops it with her . . .

As you move into approaching ONENESS . . .  you find a beautiful, magical - and surprisingly POWERFUL thing - unfolds.  At some point, at some place on the journey - a potent and clear energy of having COME FULL CIRCLE ensues.  It is palpable.  It is undeniable.  And it is living within you.

It may also - quite likely and truly - send you for a loop.  What I mean is this:  such a vortex point of completion brings you face to face with your past - and your future - at the same point in time.  It is VEXING - truly, believe me, VEXING - to peer into both of those energies simultaneously - and see what appears to be in some way . . .  THE SAME THING.

And - it is.  In a way.  THE SAME ENERGY - THE SAME LIGHT - holds both your past and your present . . . not to mention your stellar future - because IN ONENESS THEY ARE THE SAME LIGHT.

As our magical Phoenix Light shares with us, these transformations which call forth our inner being most truly - as we dance our way to the doorstep of ONENESS and through the halls of our soul's true beingness revealed . . . we reach a very special place.  It is the spot which she, THE PHOENIX's SOUL LIGHT, knows oh so very well.  It is the space - and the moment - where she is ready.  TRULY READY.  TO BEGIN AGAIN.  TO BIRTH ANEW.  To become . . . her next truest and purest expression of being.  AND TO DO SO - leaving nothing behind.

And that is the KEY - and A SACRED ONE AT THAT! -- which this essence comes forth now to illuminate for you on your own sacred journey.  THIS ESSENCE helps you to take all that you have been - all that you have become - all that you have lived and known . . . and bring it forward into THE LIGHT which will dissolve it into neither past nor present, neither existence or oblivion.  What I  mean is this . . . everything that has been or become you . . . now melts into THIS VERY SACRED FLAME.

What it becomes thereafter?  Is ever and always up to your SOUL's LIGHT.  YOUR ESSENCE's deepest knowing of your highest expression of who you truly are.  You won't know when you reach this space . . . what you will find after this point.  Because all of who you have been has now been enveloped only in light.  And every drop of your existence . . . will now be a part of the rebirth.

Its magical - oh yes.  Its inspiring - more than you can know.  But it's something else besides these, as if they were not enough.  It creates a continuum that is no longer in any aspect of itself . . . linear.  It's all just ONE POOL OF LIGHT.  How it moves forward in your life or expression of being . . . IS A MOST DIVINE - AND SACRED - MYSTERY.  At this point.

You won't know what will be there when you emerge.  And that's quite ok.  By design, actually.  THIS ESSENCE comes to embolden you to truly step into that moment . . . TRUSTING the processes of LIGHT which will move everything you have been and known and held as who you are . . . into THE CENTER OF THE FLAME.  And to know, then, that . . . the outcome . . . will be much more beautiful, more inspiring, and truly more magical - than you can imagine.

So embrace it when you are approaching your FULL*CIRCLE MOMENT.  It is unlike anything most humans ever experience.  And it is worth every moment of life on earth . . . simply to have that sacred knowing within you.  THIS ESSENCE will guide you there when you are ready.  And will be by your side as you prepare for that coming moment.  The  journey is delightful.  rare.  powerful.

And something more - life*defying.

Doesn't that sound amazing?  YES - IT IS !



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