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"FLUTTERINGS OF FIRE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"FLUTTERINGS OF FIRE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Ok, this is going to sound a bit odd but . . . THIS IS THE FULLEST, DEEPEST and TRUEST ESSENCE . . . of THE LIGHT THE PHOENIX HOLDS.

Let me explain.  FLUTTERINGS OF FIRE comes to escort you into the sacred chamber of the most potent light you may ever meet.  A HOLY TRINITY - OR MAGICAL TRINE - of presence, beingness, and pure KNOWING.

This is the energy of creation which THE PHOENIX's LIGHT HERSELF uses to birth herself ever anew.  It holds all of her futures - all of her pasts - and all she may never become.  In a word - this is the ALPHA and OMEGA of PHOENIX BIRTHS OF LIGHT.

Deceptively simple - this is not a flame that consumes.  Rather, it is the first bursts of light from embers that are so deeply embedded within . . .  that ONLY THE MOST PERFECTLY CALIBRATED and ORCHESTRATED KNOWINGS of events can ever hope to breathe the breath of life into them.  AND SHE DOES.

THIS SACRED ESSENCE holds the activation codes which open the doorways inside you - to allow, to embody, to light aflame . . .  THE FIRST SPARKS which are going to become your new, most eternal flame.  YOUR TRUEST OF LIGHTS.

In her frequencies you will find something new takes hold within you.  Always there, eternally present, it does now finally honor its CODE and TRUEST CALLING - to burn.  An ember is born - and then another - and then this essence, guided silently by your soul . . . helps to initiate A SACRED SEQUENCE OF FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT - something your human mind will never know or hold . . . and the fire begins to burn.  HOW SO?

As a flutter.  Fluid movements of light, flames born of embers long dormant.  They come forth inside you.  They burn ever more brightly as their strength grows.  That strength is fed ONLY BY YOUR OWN LIGHT.  And the only thing which can quench the flame . . . is your fear.  Misplaced or forgotten, if fear is present, that light will fade.  Which is why this very rare and sacred essence was born.  SHE WILL ILLUMINATE for you - always - the bursts of fear inside you which are calling for release.  So that YOUR FLUTTERINGS OF FIRE - YOUR TRUEST LIGHT BIRTHING - can safely and magically ignite itself into a full soul flame.  She is here - she is ready.  YOU MAKE THE CALL.

When you bring this SACRED ESSENCE OF LIGHT into your world - everything shifts.  New frequencies are born, new life events take hold - and surprises ensue.  THAT IS THE SIGN TO YOU that THE FLUTTERINGS OF LIGHT WITHIN YOU, deep in your sacred chamber . . . are bursting from ember into flame.  A SACRED THING THAT IS.  AND SO IS SHE - a powerful, magical guide - to illuminate the path before you.

Cherish her. I DO!



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