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FEAR OF HEIGHTS . . . The Spiritual Kind

FEAR OF HEIGHTS . . . The Spiritual Kind

$ 444.00

Do you have


And by that I mean . . . The Spiritual Kind?


Do the effects

Of higher vibrations

Pulsing through your body make you

. . . AFRAID?


Are you actually SCARED of how they make you feel,

And are you fearful of their impacts inside you?



The myth that LIGHT can kill you.

It can - but only if you want it to.


Here is the irony held within your fear.


NOT raising your vibration?

That is the thing which

WILL most certainly

Take your life

:- ).



We all have those moments - and they come seemingly unbidden.  Even seemingly innocuous ones.  We may pop out of our body during a trauma or sudden movement.  We may feel floaty when we say a prayer or meditate.  Yoga might suddenly make us feel dizzy or we may lose our focus and miss what is being said.

EACH OF THESE is . . . a hallmark of LIGHT.  And an entire universe exists of additional effects of LIGHT.  SPIRIT.  MAGIC.  

If you are on a spiritual journey of expanding your vibrational frequency  - you will experience these times.  They can happen even without YOUR AWARENESS that a spiritual, vibrational shift is occurring.  This is because our bodies are continually being invited now to VIBRATE HIGHER.  The material world and society at large is continually creating beliefs that will actually lower your vibration - but life itself is choosing to vibrate higher. 

Realize that your body is surrounded by these rapidly escalating vibrations, no matter your own personal choice about vibration or spiritual awareness.  And your body, in its own highest knowing of its deepest purpose and truest nature - will begin that process when the opening presents itself.  And - sometimes - without you even realizing it is happening.

Even something as simple as trying to see the world in a more happy and positive light - can have a profound impact as your vibration naturally rises within truer and higher thoughts and energies.

But what happens when . . . that potent time comes, and you actually choose to open and expand into more of who you truly are - to live MORE truly and authentically - and then you do not care for the effects of light and how they feel in your body?  What then?

You see, LIGHT is the pure energy of LOVE.  PURE LOVE, without any fear or hesitancy - and also PURE LOVE with complete knowing of ONENESS.  Humans rarely exist that way, we almost never live that way, and we even hardly ever touch even one moment of that kind of power - PURE LIGHT - PURE LOVE.  But WE CAN.  And that is ever the point of every single higher vibrational frequency which invites you to experience it pulsing through YOU - YOUR BODY - YOUR LIFE.


When we FEAR the impacts and effects of LIGHT as it pulses through our forms - and our lives - we muddy the waters, we create resistance, and FEAR makes the impacts and effects of something that is PURE and SACRED . . . physically much more intense

So the choice is yours.  You can choose to understand the processes and the SACRED PHYSICS OF LIGHT as they move through different frequencies of matter - including you and what you may see to be your physical form.  OR YOU CAN MAKE THE PROCESS more difficult than it ever need be by your own dichotomy of inner vibrations.  FEAR tilts the scales of what can move through you in harmony and peace, at its highest intention.  It will still be wholly potent and incredibly powerful - but when you perceive its presence through a lens of fear, you wholly mask its beauty and magic, and create a different view altogether.

We have entire classes being created and offered about THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT - how higher frequencies move through our bodies to transform us.  We can, each of us, choose to EMBRACE these sacred transformations with both WISDOM and THE KNOWING OF OUR ESSENCE.  This listing comes for those of you who may be struggling through a physical event, striving to hold your center and spiritual view of its purpose and impacts.  If you have CHOSEN LIGHT and HIGHER AWARENESS, if you ARE AWAKENING, or want TO! . . . this creation is here for you when the going gets tough in the physical transformations which WILL take presence within your body and your life.

Together, our connection can reveal how you might move through these sacred and powerful times in greater harmony - and even perhaps illuminate their deeper purposes for you.  Sometimes, seeing the TRUE PURPOSE of something, especially A Transformation Of Light - wholly shifts the entire paradigm for how WE experience it physically. 

EVERY MOMENT of LIGHT is priceless.  EVERY TRANSFORMATION ignited and sanctioned by YOUR SOUL is imminently PURPOSEFUL.  And it holds A GIFT.  This listing is designed to place you in a position of knowing and understanding . .  that will allow you to truly EMBRACE what is happening from a space of DEEP SPIRITUAL KNOWING.  So that you can move forward with ease, with peace, and with a higher awareness that makes available to you the perfect way to move through this powerful time of discovery.

For, after all, EVERY TRANSFORMATION is ultimately about just that:  DISCOVERING A GREATER, DEEPER, TRUER - and MORE POWERFUL - part of YOU!

So let's DO!  Together we will open a doorway and peer into what is happening in a  brand new way.  A way that just might change everything . . . FOR YOU!

Ultimately, for each of us, THE POINT . . . is TO transform. 

And - most importantly - to do it on YOUR SOUL and HIGHEST ESSENCE's terms.  Can you do that?   This listing comes to give you that most precious of gifts.  If you choose!



Include any notes you like - about what you see in your life, what you are striving to uncover, what you wish deeply to know - in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with details for how we will help bring YOUR ESSENCE'S knowing of this event . . . TO YOU!


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