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FOUND! (THIS FAIRY NEST HAS A NEW HOME) - Fairy Nest 25 - Magic (medium)

$ 21.00

Welcome to our world.  IT is ever filled with ETHEREAL REALMS of light.  These nests are just such a creation.  They descended from the ethers, taught ME how to make THEM, and defied physics in holding themselves together!

They are light as air - confections seem heavy compared to these.  A WISP of light . . . what else ever could they be???

They can sit flat on a table or hang from a branch.  They are exquisite on a sacred altar, or for a special wee crystal's home by chance?  Their process is magical and something the fairies bestowed on me.  Our Shop holds magic, and mystery, and a dose of fairy dust - as you can surely see!

But these are not just nests.  They are SACRED SANCTUARIES of LIGHT.  Beheld by the coldest of hearts, the melting begins.  Adored by the most tender of souls, a new inner strength somehow grows within.  And so, you see, these nests . . . are an extension, so it seems to me, of the MAGIC and POWER of both our SACRED MAGICAL FAIRIES . . . and THE MYSTICAL FAIRY TREE wherein both make their home.

Use the cheerful contact button if you have questions about shade or color or size of these.  They're a bit mysterious that way, not divulging too much of their being just yet.  For your eyes and heart only, perhaps, they wish to be! :- )  The colors do morph and change, it seems to me.  I suspect that has to do with the magic and the fairies - but that's just me! ;- )

These, like our sacred fairies, set their own prices based upon energy and vibration.  And believe me when I say this, wee though some of these may be . . . you will ever receive far more than you pay for them!  They also choose their homes, so as soon as you purchase one, I will double check with them on your behalf to be sure . . . your choice is perfect to be.

And they ARE, yes indeed - SCRUMPTIOUS in a set.  If you desire to expand your magic, just send me a message and we'll work out the details.  Fairies love CUSTOM CREATIONS .  . . and, now, so do I myself!

That is THESE !

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