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TRINE 01b - "FAIRY DROPS" - A Magical Celestial Essence

TRINE 01b - "FAIRY DROPS" - A Magical Celestial Essence

$ 44.00

Part 2
Of a very special, life-defining TRINITY

First came the powerful "PURGE".

Now, the beguiling


Is here.

She came with a whoosh.  And, truth be told, a bit of a mystery.

After the power and presence of PURGE - whose name really does say it all, leaving no wiggle room as to what her purpose is - this second essence in A SACRED TRINITY was . . . ethereal.  Beyond that, she was decidedly mysterious.  And more than a tiny bit vague.

What ARE fairy drops?

I can tell you this - they are a most intricate, and integral, aspect of physical life.  Something we humans rarely see, even rarely register, and even more rarely notice.  Yet they are something whose presence defies all odds.  And wouldn't you like a bit of that in your SACRED TRINITY TRANSFORMATION?  The ability to defy all odds???

Of course you would - and so here it is!  As mystical as PURGE is physical.  Believe me when I say this . . . you've never met or experienced the wonder of an essence like this one.  She is special.  She is rare.  She is . . . indescribably powerful.   You don't want to miss that part of your unfolding!

When you purchase this essence, I will send to you - along with her physical, precious self - exactly how she explained and introduced herself to me.  You won't need any more than that - believe me! ;- )



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