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Are you . . . HAUNTED?

Be sure you understand the question first

Before you choose how to answer.

Because it's hardly what

You likely may think.


The question inquires . . .

If some aspect of SPIRIT - of LIGHT - of soulful unfolding



Is its presence there, often in the shadows,

With you ALWAYS?


Can you never quite SEE IT clearly,

NO matter how hard you try or how deeply you peer into it?

 Is there SOMETHING on your path that is . . .

Completely CONFOUNDING you?


Most likely,

This has to do with visions

Or fragments of wisdom we are given

As we unfold our Soul Path.


Some message, long ago received, guides our days and nights.

But we never QUITE MAKE IT to actually come face to face with it,

We do not know how we get from here to there,

And everything we try blesses us . . .

But we end up NOT in the glow


Is ours to BE, to HOLD,



These slivers, if you will,

Of the celestial light of our essence,

Come like the tiniest wisp of a crescent moon.

Barely there - we see and know it is PRESENT -

And we know we are to bask in its glow,

It is, in other words, going to be . . .



But following its glow and its shimmer for years,

We never quite make it to THE SHORE.

Its gifts and blessings . . .

Purposes and meanings . ..

HAUNT US day and night.


We want to know MORE.

We want to understand it fully.

And we want to live the beckoning gift

WHich it first gave to us so many moons ago in great revelatory fashion.


If you are . . . HAUNTED in such an exquisite fashion . . .

This listing is for you!

It is about shining a very bright light

Into the corners and the shadows of THE ORIGINAL REVELATION

So that you can see and know that which would help you . . .



Why not now?

Why continue this Exquisite Haunting . . .

One second more?!?!



You know, this listing announced itself in spectacular fashion.  A New Creation came, and just a few short weeks before Halloween.  HAUNTING, indeed!

But you see, she had been with me for a while, weaving her flashes of light, her sparkles and her shimmers of presence into the dark corners of my mind.  I COUDL FEEL HER . . . and kept waiting for her to announce herself and make her full presence known.

And that is the truth of how she came . . . hauntingly.  Haunting me.  Never quite leaving me alone; never quite revealing her true self.  IT became a dance, albeit one of Light, that no amount of focus or intention would speed up.  Nor remove.  She was here for the duration - the long haul of time meant nothing to her.  IT WOULD BE ON HER TIMING - IN HER WAY - OF HER CHOOSING . . . or not at all.

HER FULL PRESENCE is what was elusive.  And that is what SHE COMES to illuminate for us all.  When SPIRIT has been exquisitely haunting our awareness with A SHIMMERY PRESENCE OF OUR ESSENCE . . . we yearn to SEE, to KNOW, to BEHOLD . . . her full presence.

She gives us clues - little snippets of inspiration - sometimes even visions of the future with us in its very center, enacting and living something far beyond our knowing or imagination at this present time.  But no matter how much we invite her to do so . . . she will not LET US TOUCH the FULL PRESENCE of that which she holds.

Why?  Most often, it is because there is a certain way it needs to be seen - and revealed.  There are frequently certain NEW TRUTHS we must first discover and explore or embody.  And sometimes, within all of these, there is something more . . . SHE ASKS FOR IT TO BE UNVEILED TO US in a certain way, at a certain time, and within a certain energy.

Think of it this way.  Let's imagine you have written a most astounding and STELLAR last scene to a beautiful - and stunning! - play for the theatre.  Would you ever in a million years allow the audience TO SEE THE END before they had made the journey of the entire prelude to that point in the creation?  No.  Of course you would not.

So, from the very first moment that your haunting began ;- ), from the very first shimmer that was revealed to you that has so encaptured - and even perhaps enraptured! - your heart . . . YOUR ESSENCE has been leading and guiding you through the spirals of light needed.  So that when the CLIMAX of the REVEALING is given . . . you can truly both HOLD and BEHOLD IT . . . as all of its TRUE LIGHT.  How else could you possibly hope TO EVER LIVE IT!

This Listing is created for those of you that are drawn to it.  If you are led here, then this is the way chosen by your soul or essence . . . to REVEAL either what stands between you and THE FULL PRESENCE of what was gifted to you as a sliver earlier . . . OR THE WHOLE GIFT.

Either way, we will find what you are being asked to do - see - be - become - or understand, so that . . . what is waiting . . . CAN COME FORTH!


Include any notes you like about your situation in your order as you check out. 

Once we receive your order, we will be in touch by email with instructions for how YOUR ESSENCE will be revealing your way forward and allow your exquisite haunting to, at last, reveal . . . THE MAGICAL GIFT she has held so deeply in trust.  Just for you.  Just for this time.  Just for this very way of presenting it to you!


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