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Elisia - A Fairy Godmother

Elisia - A Fairy Godmother

$ 77.77

ELISIA . . .

Is coming soon!

When it's time to blossom and bloom, ELISIA comes your way.  Her love of color and laughter is contagious . . . a grump or down in the dumps you cannot remain.  

She wants you to know that JOY is a currency which transforms you from the inside out.  She comes bearing gifts, many unseen, to help you learn to feel light and happy, not just pout.  No matter the circumstances or events of our life, ELISIA believes in taking a shower and dusting herself off . . . and taking the first steps down a new path.

She believes in adventure and knows that the unknown can be a blessed thing.  But more than these, she hopes to be your companion - bringing happiness and giggles into your life in new and surprising ways, perhaps as if on wings!

She will not mind if you are sad or undone.  But she will invite you to continue the journey, to come with her to a place where the future is anything but glum!

She holds in her heart a bouquet of magical adventures.  Are you in?




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