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DIRE STRAITS - The Presence Of A Guiding Light

DIRE STRAITS - The Presence Of A Guiding Light

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Beyond what most of humanity uses to chart its path and create its course . . . there are other ways.  More ancient ways.  Truly, more powerful ways.  And honestly - MORE TRUE ways.

Whether you are in the midst of a great shift, some huge transformation, or simply feel the quickening of some coming change on the horizon, even something you DREAD . . . it makes all the difference in the world if you are ready and able to MEET THAT MOMENT, and to EMBRACE all it brings, with a certain . .  . knowing

Inner Knowing holds a peace, a lightness of being, a wonderful feeling that - no matter the form it takes, no matter what it is or becomes - within its presence . . . YOUR OWN LIGHT will bring forth something wondrous - something perfect - something magical.  SOMETHING TRUE - and, TRUE for YOU!

For times such as these, challenges and unexpectedly arduous or even shattering events, perhaps - SACRED THOUGH THEY SURELY BE! - often our highest self will call forth a very special PRESENCE.  A Guide, yes, of sorts.  But perhaps not in the most often thought of ways.

I have found, for myself, that sometimes my soul really asks for something special - beyond the usual gifts and tools - to be ever-present and watching over MY SPHERE.  A guardian, so to speak, of the space where I live and work, the ethers my body inhabits, and the energy fields which co-exist in the structures and community we exist within.

This is, in truth, how the very first MAGICAL FAIRIES were born here with me.  This is how, in truth, the very first SACRED ESSENCES took form.  This is how everything offered in my shop - and a whole lot more that may never be offered! - came into Being.  Their Presence requested, if you will, by inner and higher beings of light . . .  so that THE ENERGY, THE FREQUENCY, THE VIBRATION that new creation - or "BEING" - would hold or emanate could powerfully envelop the energies around ME.

Not unlike  A BEACON, emanating unseen frequencies of LIGHT, these creations became TUNING FORKS which shifted and transformed and held constant - the highest of frequencies - necessary for me to create whatever was on my path at that time to create or to live.  Be it my work, my play (which for me now are wholly one and the same), my  wellness, my family, a feeling of sanctuary.  You name it - whatever was needed - I was guided to create SOMETHING NEW, usually without having any inkling THE REAL TREASURE and PURPOSE behind its birth.

No more.  NOW . . . I know.  NOW . . . I honor.  NOW . . . I see and thrill at each new time something is requested by THE HIGHEST SELF inside of me. And, now, too - from inside of you!

If you feel A CALLING while wandering through the pages of OUR SHOP, then this may just be what you seek.  Something CUSTOM created just for you - dictated by your soul, crafted by our hands in one of the many magical forms we use (or something ever newer! :- )).  AND DESIGNED to embody A GUIDING PRESENCE of LIGHT for you as you continue on your path, preparing for the next unseen curve in the road.

These are Sacred Things. 

They can take weeks to prepare, or pop up over night.

But I promise you this  -   Your Life Will Never Be The Same

Once you receive this gift.

Choose wisely - Listen Within

And what YOUR SOUL WISHES, will come forth. . . through our heart and our hands.

These are powerful creations.  Not unlike YOU and YOUR LIFE.  They are designed to honor both.  Our special creations made just for you will be BLESSINGS that light the path ahead and create a harmonic of energy that is not just PERFECT . . . but will be the wondrous energy nest within which all you are here to create and do and be - can birth and take form.

Blessed Be!
When the soul speaks - I listen.


Choose your price from the drop down list.  Which one is for you?

LISTEN for your soul's whisper.  THAT is the one to choose.


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