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Star*Dust Luna Water - Sequence 1 . . . "DIRE STRAITS"

Star*Dust Luna Water - Sequence 1 . . . "DIRE STRAITS"

$ 21.00

A very special magic, these are a mind-defying, body-transforming elixir.  They hold the frequencies of PURE LOVE.  Pure Light - which holds no fear - is embedded into each drop, innately increasing vibrational presence to allow for new harmony and new alignment.

Oh my, these are special!  And then some!

Use these sweet and potent creations for anything your heart desires.  And I mean that - quite literally.  These are called forth by THE HEART - a special blend of woven frequencies of Light created just for you - by YOUR SACRED HEART.  So that it can release and empower, create and manifest, that which is THE BEST OF YOU - and that which is THE HIGHEST OUTCOME OF LIGHT for you.  For your body, your soul, your life.

These are a very rare and special matrix of Light.  They blend celestial frequencies in an unusual and inspired way, allowing YOUR ESSENCE to take them and direct them through your form to be used in the highest and most magical ways - for YOUR LIFE, YOUR SOUL PATH, YOUR DESTINY.

These are light as air, and held in sacred water, allowing their energy and frequency to flow through your body in a new, higher way.  Have you heard of the four elements?  Wind, Fire, Water, Earth?  There is a fifth, often called ETHER.  Well, this is the SEVENTH.  I won't tell you its name, because it moves unspoken through this realm.  But it is THE MOST POWERFUL PRESENCE of CREATION LIGHT held in the material realm.

How to use these?

They were designed to help those of you who are facing some type of physical life challenge - be it your body or your physical life path.  The two are often incredibly interwoven, and so while we as humans tend to focus on OUR BODY and OUR PHYSICAL FORM - illness, health, wellness or lack thereof, etc - both of these, our body and our physical lives, are sacredly and eternally held within something bigger and more potent than they . . . OUR SOUL PATH.

Star*Dust Luna Waters are created to infuse you - your body, your mind, and your soul - with incredibly high-frequency Light energies designed especially for you, by Your Essence, in a state of oneness with the waters themselves.  You receive that which YOUR ESSENCE most yearns for . . . to help you call forth, embody, and embrace . . . WHOLENESS.  For wholeness - LIVING AS YOUR TRUEST LIGHT - is where the greatest and deepest harmonies lie for our bodies, our lives, and our world.

These began as a FRONT PORCH offering of sparkling elixirs - pure water, woven with sacred and celestial frequencies of unseen origin - for those who lived nearby.  Originally created to be a 21-Day Gift of Light, they are designed to invite into each soul who drinks them TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  And they now come in two forms.

First, the FRONT PORCH VERSION - physical gifts of Star*Dust Luna Waters placed on my front porch for 21 days, just for you.  If you live nearby, you can simply stop by early morning and sip your custom elixir each day.  Powerful, tender, and more energetic than matter, these help your Inner Being to align from the inside out.  And that creates all sorts of magical, inspired, and unexpected outcomes!

For those of you who do not live nearby, you can still choose to live this magical gift.  Simply choose THE ETHEREAL VERSION from the drop down menu above.  Your WATER will be created here, and transferred energetically to wherever you are.  I will guide you into how to create a receiving vessel of your own, in case you wish to do so.  But the energies themselves already flow to you, to your body, directly - whether you create a physical receiving vessel or not.  In truth - YOU and YOUR BODY are that vessel.  But some people truly enjoy savoring the energies in a physical way, and I will guide you how to do that, if you wish.

Either way, 21 DAYS OF SACRED, MAGICAL LIGHT.  Designed to flow through your physical form, allowing sparkling new light fields to take hold and bless you, your body, and your path. 

Wholeness?  Awakening?  Expansion? 
Oh, all of these can be part of the gift and blessing
Of your own very special, custom created Star*Dust Luna Water.
Why . . .
We've also just now included a very special additional option in the drop-down menu above.  After you choose your LUNA WATER TYPE and add it to your cart, you can also add on A GUIDING LIGHT.  This gives you the option of emailing me with questions, receiving guidance and higher understanding of what is taking place while you unfold the magic and mystery - not to mention THE POWER - that is our LUNA WATER creations.  Think of it as a guiding hand you can hold to lead you down the path, whisper encouragement along the way, and reveal potent and precious wisdoms about how light works and what the experiences you invoke with the luna waters are truly guiding you to see - in effect, to discover what they TRULY mean.

In other words, you don't have to take this magical and powerful journey alone.  I am here to guide you and to deepen and expand your understanding of that process as you take the steps before you - if you choose.  Added to our luna listings by special request.  Enjoy!
And, P.S.
Yes, of course . . .

you can repeat this magical luna water process and listing as many times as you like. 

The blessings and gifts are never-ending . . . just add to your cart any time you wish to take the journey further. 

We'll be waiting for you . . . right here . . . whenever it is time!



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