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$ 77.00
This is a very special
"DEWDROPS" Of Light" Gift Set,
Created just for you - INTENTIONALLY -
For A Special Event, Gathering or Purpose.

The "DEWDROPS" created for this GIFT SET embody all the LIGHT of our "DEWDROPS" Of Light Family, but these also include something more.  These "SPECIAL INTENTION" DEWDROPS include intentional energies that support a special purpose.  And each element of the DEWDROP'S design is chosen with care and special attention to what will best HONOR your special event or purpose!

Our INTENTIONED GIFT SETS can be created for special events, gatherings or purposes such as these:  "BLESS THIS CHILD", "BLESS THIS FAMILY", "SAVE THE FOREST", "BLESS THIS JOURNEY", "BLESS THIS UNION", "CELEBRATE THIS NEW BEGINNING", "BRIDESMAIDS and GROOMSMEN", "MEMORIES OF LOVE" or whatever your heart inspires.

Whatever you choose to bless with light, and uphold within light, in this very special way . . . our GIFT SET will amplify your intention for that purpose or event.

This is a very special creation.  It asks of you that you truly TRUST The Gifts Of Light to flow in the highest ways into a special time or event.  The possibilities are unlimited.  After all . . . WE are the LIGHT.  And that is a beautiful and extraordinary power we all hold.  When we use it in creative ways for our most sacred purposes, surprising and breathtaking moments can unfold.  So let's do!

Our "DEWDROPS" Of Light are down to earth, simple yet breathtaking in their own way.  They are made with smaller beads, usually gemstones in earthy colors, and with smaller or metal elements.  Originally created for men, they are quite beloved by women as well.  Just choose the quantity you desire for your special event or purpose.  Each DEWDROP in your GIFT SET will be unique but similar.   

Each "DEWDROP" will be created in the exact same sacred way all of our bracelets come into being. Our very special "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" are infused with high frequency essences and vibrations which carry GIFTS OF LIGHT to touch anyone, anywhere in the perfect way - whether you personally know them or not!  And our DEWDROPS hold that same creation process.

It's no wonder our A Sacred Touch "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" call to the hearts of people everywhere, no matter their life or circumstance or belief system.  These precious creations allow each of us to be touched by GIFTS OF LIGHT in our lives in very special ways!

Every aspect of your "INTENTIONED" DEWDROPS Of Light will be created and infused with the GIFTS OF LIGHT to support that moment, purpose or endeavor.  Truly, the power of activating GIFTS OF LIGHT into something you are passionate about is exhilarating.  Try it, you'll see what I mean!

And prepare to be touched at just how enchanting it is to gift them away to others, all designed to bring forth LIGHT and SPECIAL BLESSINGS into an event or purpose you care deeply about.  It is empowering and exciting in ways you may not imagine.  Just remember, with this listing, YOU are creating RIPPLES OF LIGHT in the world that may have powerful impacts in ways you may never know.  How beautiful is that?!?!?  The potential to create LIGHT in the world with our "BRACELETS OF LIGHT" - and now our "DEWDROPS OF LIGHT" - is endless!
When you yearn to release LIGHT
Into something that is truly important to you,

Are you ready to become . . .

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