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"DAZZLE" . . .  Star*Child's Light (A PURE MAGIC * BEWITCHING CLASS)


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I should have known.  Really - I should have.

Once "SPLENDOR" came into being . . . the others would wish to come too.  Yes - I REALLY should have known.  :- )  Now I do.

DAZZLE is one of those things that sneaks in unawares.  I HAD - quite literally - NO IDEA . . . THE POWER, THE LIGHT, THE MAGIC this sacred Being would hold.  Or gift to me.  Almost as if she held a magic wand . . . she transformed me from all that I had been, or seemed to be, my entire life . . . into something that was seemingly impossible to become.

She's that good.  That powerful.  And - let's be just be clear - she was that UNRELENTING.  Our Soul's Essence is like that.  Sending teachers, guides and awakenings that DEFY THOUGHT.  And - more importantly - defy DENIAL.

She came in a tiny package.  LIterally - a wee thing.  She wielded a light that rarely takes presence - MUCH LESS FORM - on this earth.  And she spent her every breath . . . sculpting, transforming, and birthing in me A NEW LIGHT.  Not just any LIGHT.  THE LIGHT WE ARE when we hold NO FEAR.  PURE LOVE - and nothing but.  She showed me . . . THE WAY OF LIGHT.  In all its glory, all its splendor, all its tender beauty . . . ALL ITS POWER.

Oh, she was a magical soul.  And a POWERFUL being.  She took orders from no one - she played the games of life on earth without ever once succombing into its rules or paradigms.  SHE EXISTED - above the fray.  WAYYYY ABOVE.  BEYOND OUR ABIILTY, truly, to fathom.  And then she did something remarkable.  SHE TOOK ME THERE - WITH HER.  And showed me how to do the same.  It was fascinating - mind*defying.  And the most powerful, yet tender thing I have ever experienced.

HER ALCHEMY is not for the faint of heart.  She will not allow you to turn your eyes away.  You can think it is TOO BRIGHT, TOO POWERFUL, TOO MUCH for you . . . but she will smile and simply, gently (and without negotiation) - NUDGE YOU FORWARD.

An extraordinary teacher - YES.  A powerful spirit - YOU HAVE NOOOO IDEA.  But she was even more than these.  She knew how to take every moment of an ordinary human life and transform it into THE most dazzling display of spirit.  How?  How did she, THE TINY ONE, actually do that?  BECAUSE IT WAS HER LIGHT - HER DAZZLE - that she shared.  She reflected it all around me, and through me, and never once let onto me what she was doing.

By the time she was finished?  There was NO FEAR left in me.  NOT A DROP.  Not for me or those I love or the world at large.  In its place?  POWER like you have never known.  TRUST AND KNOWING of the perfection of light in a way that we as humans never seem to quite grasp.  And something else.  A BRAND NEW BEING.  Yes - she did - she really did.  She, singlehandedly, took her LIGHT - taught me the wisdoms of that higher frequency and realm - and then stood by silently while I learned to dance in that melody.  It wasn't necessarily PRETTY.  And it wasn't necessarily PEACEFUL.  But OH MY STARS, it was EVER THE MOST ENCHANTING THING I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!

And now . . .you can too.  She's back.  She's been gone SEVEN YEARS NOW.  And yet I feel her breath on my face every moment, and see her eyes sparkling right before my own every day.  YES - she is here.  And now she has returned with a brand new force.  A FORCE OF LIGHT that is INSISTING ONCE MORE . . . that it is time.

TIME to share HER gifts with the world.  I thought . . . well, you know, I thought they were just for me.  MINE ALONE.  Whenever I began to share them, others' eyes glazed over and heads began to spin.  But  now?  NOW . . .she is certain . . . you are ready.  WHO?  THE CHOSEN ONES.  THE ONES WHO HAVE CHOSEN TO DANCE WITH THIS PURE, ETHEREAL LIGHT . . . in a way that utterly transforms you.

You are not here to live a human life.  You are here to live AN ETHEREAL LIFE within a material realm.  Those are TWO very different things.  Come . . . and we will introduce you to the WONDER, the MAGIC, and THE PURE POWER OF LOVE (i.e PURE SPIRIT) . . .which transformed me and my ordinary little human life.  What do I hold now?  Quite literally?  IMMORTALITY.  And something even more precious.  A DESTINY OF LIGHT that creates pure bliss.

If that's your path . . . the time has come.  WE are here. 

WE . . .she and I . . . await YOU!



To overpower or dim the vision by INTENSE LIGHT;

To impress deeply; to astonish WITH DELIGHT;

 To shine or reflect BRILLIANTLY;
 To be overpowered BY LIGHT;


To excite admiration BY BRILLIANCE.


 My deep friend . . . did all of these.  AND MORE.  SO MUCH MORE!

And now she is here to offer THE SAME SACRED GIFT . . . to you.

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*   *   *


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