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Custom STAR*LIGHT Luna Waters . . .  "DIRE STRAITS"

Custom STAR*LIGHT Luna Waters . . . "DIRE STRAITS"

$ 77.00

This listing creation came as A SPECIAL REQUEST.  For those times when all seems lost, when life has swirled and twirled in ways so unexpected and unimaginable we quite literally seem to have no place to turn.

If you find yourself in . . . "DIRE STRAITS", something new beckons.  There IS a new way forward, though hidden from view.  There IS a purpose to all that seems to have been for naught.  And there IS a reason why you are here, on our shoppe, at this very tumultuous and challenging time in your life.  That reason?  TO FIND A NEW PATH FORWARD - one you do not yet see, do not yet hear, or cannot now imagine being for you.

This listing comes to allow you to REQUEST . . . your very own, very special, very unique, very rare . . . SACRED STAR*LIGHT LUNA WATER.  But one that is designed and created to FILL the void inside you with KNOWING, HOPE, and perhaps most compellingly - THE WISDOM of how and when to move forward from here

The next steps, for you, are indeed important - frighteningly so, perhaps.  But even more compelling, they are POWERFUL MOMENTS where you get to choose which "voice" you will hear deep inside yourself.  You are about to choose . . . HOW you will create what comes next.  And you are about to lose all connection to what you thought was before you - because something new, compelling, and even magical awaits in the wings.  A NEW WAY beckons. 

Are you ready?

Filled with purest water, infused with Celestial Energies of Sacred Creation, these are amazing gifts.  I was guided to make them for myself, and then for others, years ago.  Next, they moved out into the world for those lucky enough to find them. 

Now, they are allowing a very special and sacred intent to birth their creation - expressly for those times when you do not know where to turn.  TURN here.  YOUR LUNA WATER will guide you into the magic and beauty, hope and power . . . OF YOUR SOUL.  A new life path awaits.  And you can say YES to hearing it, feeling it, and perhaps most beautifully . . . to taking your first steps forward with peace and knowing. 

Have you felt that way lately?  Likely not.  But you can, and this LUNA WATER is so special and so magical, she comes to take your hand - and show YOU the way!

Are our STAR*LIGHT LUNA WATERS magic ?  Yes, of course they are.  THEY ARE FILLED TO OVERFLOWING WITH LOVE - and that is the HEART of magic!


Are they powerful?  Oh my.  YES.  And YES AGAIN.  They hold very special frequencies of celestial light that awaken your form into new truths and presences, allowing your entire life to awaken in a bold, new, and shimmering way.

Whatever you seek, these potent little vials of celestial energies open pathways within you to allow you to RECOGNIZE, RECEIVE and CREATE . . . from within you, that which you seek. 

What will they do?  Bring you whatever Your Soul or Essence most desires, in the form that allows it to take presence in your life for the highest good of all.  It's a magical thing, watching that take form..  You only need . . . believe.


So do you?

BELIEVE in the stars and the moons and the velvet magic of the night?

IF so, you'll not be disappointed.  I expect . . . you'll  be downright amazed!

I KNOW I WAS!  And still am . . . :- )



A Final Gift

* * *  JUST ADDED ! * * *

We've also just now included a very special additional option in the drop-down menu above.  After you add your CUSTOM LUNA WATER to your cart, you can also choose if you would like to add something very special - "A GUIDING LIGHT" !
This gives you the option of emailing me with questions, receiving guidance and higher understanding of what is taking place while you unfold the magic and mystery - not to mention THE POWER - that is our LUNA WATER creations. I'll be available to you for the first week as you begin to acquaint yourself with your custom "DIRE STRAITS" Star*Light Luna Water.
Think of it as a guiding hand you can hold to lead you down the path, whisper encouragement along the way, and reveal potent and precious wisdoms about how Light truly works and what the experiences you invoke with The Luna Waters are truly guiding you to see.  In effect, to discover what they TRULY mean . . . for you.

In other words, you don't have to start this magical and powerful journey alone.  I am here to guide you, to deepen and expand your understanding of that process, as you take the steps before you - if you choose a guide.  This option is being added to Our Star*Light Luna Listings by special request.  I'll be available to you by email for the first week, as you begin this magical path with your very own, specially and soulfully created,  LUNA WATER.
And you can always add another week of GUIDING LIGHT to your journey with your Luna Water any time you choose.  So I'm always here for you.  And you are never truly alone.

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