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ABOUT THIS Custom-Designed (6 Page) DIGITAL CARD:

We have created a very special thing here.  You can purchase your own CUSTOM CREATED SPIRIT*WISE card.  It will hold beauty and graceful images, deep wisdom and powerful illumination for whatever moment or event in your life - or that of someone else's life - comes calling.

We all have them, those times when A LITTLE PICK ME UP is just what we need.  We all experience moments of life where more is asked of us than we first think we can give.  And we all have events come wafting through our lives that insist on bringing us to the very center of TRANSFORMATION.

During these times, soulful - creative - spiritual - loving and wise words and images, colors and energies . . . can really make all the difference. If that is what you're seeking - for yourself or another - we'll make one just for you.  Tell us what you or someone you know is finding appear in their lives - special or transformative - and we'll allow the perfect thing to come and be created here on your behalf, for yourself or another.  And they will be something you can cherish, treasure, and return to again and again to be bathed in its powerful, beautiful, heart-inspiring wisdom.  The Gift that truly ever does . . . keep on giving!

These are very special creations.  They TOUCH THE HEART in deep and profound ways.  And, after all, isn't that EXACTLY what we all need . . . in MOMENTS LIKE THESE???


You are purchasing one digital PDF-file card.  Each card holds custom cover art work, artistic text, and spirit-filled words flowing Inspired Wisdom to the depths of your heart.  Once complete and AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD, you may then forward electronically or print out, as you choose.

But you're receiving something more . . . each of these creations is infused with a powerful, potent energy of LIGHT * SPIRIT * MAGIC.  Each one will guide you into the unfolding of the life before you in very special, and enchanting ways.  Or someone else.  CHERISH THEM.

Our experience is that these flow into being rather timely.  Let's both trust the flow and the timing.  And this custom creation MADE JUST FOR YOU - will arrive in the perfect moment at the perfect time in the perfect way.  A GIFT OF THE HEART is always, and ever, THAT!  We are honored to BE THE VOICE OF LIGHT in this powerful time for you or someone you love.

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