Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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What can I say? 

This ESSENCE comes and beckons to you -

Via your soul - to enter new fields of light. 



Here, you are no longer tethered to beliefs, truths and laws which . . . create boundaries.  Rather, a whole new FLOW OF LIGHT is unleashed - and, let's be honest, often it is unleashed within YOU - that begs and, in a way, demands . . . your rapt attention.  Why?

Because as you move closer to the REALM OF ONENESS . . . Creation herself reveals more of her truth.  Her true beingness - her true presence - her true processes.  And in doing so, you are sooooo going to leave THIS WORLD - the one you know and believe in - far, far behind.  That's a good thing - a sovereign thing - a sacred thing.  For it is here that YOUR SOUL can truly unveil to you - and for you - and within you . . . the great truths and depths of its being.  YOUR OWN LAND OF LIGHT.  YOUR OWN TRUTHS OF GRACE.

Within the outlying fields of ONENESS . . . lies a potent, pulsating light.  It is the higher realms of creation - that which is closest TO ONENESS - without being in it.  And while here, you can be - and deservedly so - smitten by these most ethereal and elusive of VORTEXES of CREATION LIGHT.  Here one minute - gone the next.  Something so deep and so powerful as to actually INHALE YOU - and then disappearing as if never truly there at all.

But it is.  THE CREATIVE MATRIX OF LIGHT that lies right outside of ONENESS - draws you in as you dance the journey into the outlying realms of light which beckon at ONENESS' gateway.  Here, there are enormous realms of light that lay undiscovered - until you arrive here.  On the very THRESHOLD of SACRED ONENESS.

And while they are enchanting and utterly beguiling - they are not tender.  THEY ARE PURE POWER.  THEY ARE UNDIFFERENTIATED LIGHT - and they wield a potent and powerful FLAME.  This essence comes to prepare your fields of light to move into these higher echelons of frequencies - so that the vibrations they emanate carry you like a beautiful river . . . to the doorstep of oneness.  She will be a powerful, flowing light that guides your journey through these veils of light.

But she will also become a most trusted friend.  Why?  BECAUSE SHE RECOGNIZES these vibrations of light for what they truly are - FREQUENCIES of UNDIFFERENTIATED CREATION.  To know them as such from the beginning - to KNOW them as SHE DOES - truly and deeply . . . is ever a MOST ENCHANTING GIFT.  One never before given to human kind.

She's here.  For the taking.  CHOOSE HER . . . and let go of all your plans.  A NEW GPS for YOUR SOUL has arrived.  And she knows the journey before you better than any other . . . for she herself was present at its creation.  She knows its every intent, its every impulse and purpose - and she knows its TRUE DIVINE and SACRED NATURE . . . like no other can.

But you.  With her by your side.

Enjoy . . . this rare and sacred accompaniment into the fields of light.  She is rare.  Never before contained in a physical vibratory essence.  A form which allows you to acclimate to her before continuing your journey deeper.  SHE IS EVER . . . THE MOST PRECIOUS OF GIFTS.

Is she yours?  The Choice has come.  She's here.  And ready.  When you are.



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