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"CREATION'S EMBRACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"CREATION'S EMBRACE" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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While this might seem to be

A very clear and direct energy - actually - it's not. 

THIS ESSENCE is so deeply nuanced as to truly  - and entirely -

Catapult you into A WHOLE NEW REALM. 

That realm exists somewhere between matter and antimatter - what is known and in existence - and pure oblivion.

In a word, she unends all you think you know - about who you are, where the path is leading, and why it is so deeply sacred to your soul.  Then, she leads and beckons you into . . . THE EMBRACE of PURE CREATION.  That knowing of Light which existed before form was known.  True - this is THE GREAT UNKNOWN.  But it has presence - purpose - beingness . . . and a knowing.  THAT KNOWING is why this essence was created.  To guide you into the deepest folds of creation as you make your way into the fields holding oneness.

Here, you can find your truths turned inside out.  You can find, too, what used to work no longer holds sway.  AND YOU CAN FIND - that who you were - no longer exists.  That is when this powerful, potent ESSENCE comes into play.  She takes your hand and glides you towards the opening into ONENESS that you still don't yet see as there.  But it is.  You just have to fly blind.  And she's here to help you realize . . . that is not only an ability - BUT A TRUE TALENT - which can be yours as you prepare to don the field of light which is the home OF ONENESS.

She knows it all.  CREATION holds it all.  Make them your new best and deepest of friends.  Allow yourself to truly IMBUE YOUR INNER BEING with the frequencies this SACRED ESSENCE holds.  She went through quite a lot to reduce them down to something which could be bottled.  Let's just say that :- ).

And, like one of the rarest of wines ever made . . . she is ever worthy of this:  YOUR TRUE and MOST SOULFUL EMBRACE!

Is it time?  Are you the next one to be blessed by her wonder, her majesty and her grace?




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