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"CREATION VEERS - AND BENDS" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"CREATION VEERS - AND BENDS" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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This Essence

Has a voice that soothes -

And sees the deeper purpose,

The wider perfection, and the truer vantage point . . . 

Of all you will encounter on your journey into light as ONENESS BECKONS.

She speaks with a power that belies how soothing A KNOWING she carries.  And she opens inside you a new knowing, which is this:  EVERY CURVE BALL LIFE THROWS ON THIS JOURNEY TOWARDS ONENESS is . . . sacred.  Divine.  Intended.  And - ever - creational.

In other words, what seems AMISS and AWRY is actually - quite perfectly a part of the rhythm and harmony  of that higher plan which you cannot help but not see.  And why not?  Because . . . THE UNKNOWN is part of the sacred mystery embedded forever within THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  THIS ESSENCE comes to whisper that strong yet soothing melody to you . . . that CREATION ITSELF - especially SACRED and DIVINE CREATION OF THE SOULFUL SORT - morphs.  It moves, dances and shakes in ways that can seem at once peculiar and maddening.  Yet - they - too . . . hold perfection.  And a higher knowing.  Than what you may ever see.

She encourages you to STAND STRAIGHT IN THE PRESENCE of the twisting, swirling vortexes of LIGHT.  And to embrace the path as it tumbles into presence before you - veers and bends and even those hairpin curves all.

You'll be ever glad you did.  They are not on your path to dissuade or even to alarm you.  THEY ARE THERE to increase both the power and the beauty of THE DISCOVERIES which await.  Remember that.  Take her, this sacred essence, with you - she truly empowers your heart with a most special whisper of light.  The one that says . . . ALL IS WELL.

So let the journey be wild - shocking - mind*defying!  Embrace the rare beauty such unfoldings can hold.  FOR THE LIGHT which CREATION REVEALS . . . matches the energy of the presentation.  SHE CAN BE BOLD.  SHE CAN BE MAJESTIC.  AND SHE CAN BE . . . AWE-INSPIRING.  This sacred essence reminds you to allow yourself . . . to be both AWED - and INSPIRED.  INDEED!  In the face of that which confounds and surprises and downright unravels your expectations.  It's a good thing . . . and she whispers this to you when you most want to remember why and whence you did . . . this way come. :- )



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