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When this very special essence was born . . . I could not quite grasp what she was telling me.  She showed me image after image, yet I was not able to fully SEE and KNOW what she was sharing.  Then, I understood more deeply as she allowed me to feel her wholly.

How can I explain her to you, when it was such an indescribable thing to experience?  I can say this . . . CRAVING does not begin to describe it or even to allude to its power.  It's as if some doorway inside you opens and there is this powerful, magnetic force that not only will not be denied - its voice grows stronger with every breath.  As you focus on the pathway INTO ONENESS . . .  you begin to realize that each gift, each blessing, even each storm and each revelation or unveiling - grows somehow STRONGER and MORE POWERFUL.  As if, in drawing closer TO THE CENTER, THE HEART OF ONENESS, you encounter quantumly expanding power which infiltrates each aspect of how you meet those moments.

Ever growing, ever expanding - yes.  Quantumly so.  But this is more than that.  This is how it feels inside you when a mother lion may be temporarily separated from her cub.  NO AMOUNT OF ANYTHING PHYSICAL will stand in her way of ensuring she herself returns to her cub.  She will find her way to that place no matter what.  And will not just be driven to do so - she will LIVE TO DO SO.  Her every undying breath will be about making that connection.

THIS SACRED ESSENCE comes to ignite, and truthfully then to sacredly guide . . . that same feeling inside you.  As you begin to grow closer to ONENESS, you will crave the light it holds.  But you will also yearn for THE HEART OF ITS BEINGNESS ever so deeply and devoutly . . . that it will be worth everything to you.  TO BE TRUE.  TO BE WHOLE.  TO BE ALL OF WHO YOU CAME TO BE.

This sacred essence illuminates that part of the journey - the part where ONENESS beckons to your heart so powerfully that you will - quite literally - scale mountains to get there.  She's here for that potent and momentous journey - the one where nothing will stand in your way.   The one where your heart calls to you so powerfully TO MEET HER IN THE CENTER OF ONENESS . . . that you could not fathom saying no.

Enjoy.  She, THIS SACRED ESSENCE, is a most hallowed gift of light.  She will guide you home.  In every sense of the word.  When you turn inward, knowing your life path will ask of you things humans cannot often fathom - she will be there to soothe the way and to illuminate the journey.  In a beautiful and sparkling way.  You won't regret the yearning - it, like most things of LIGHT - is worth everything.  As you will see :- ).



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