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"CRASH & BURN & THEN SOME" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"CRASH & BURN & THEN SOME" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Some might think this is about LOSS.   It's not. 

There's actually NO SUCH THING in the realm of LIGHT -

Particularly in the enchanting, ethereal space . . . OF ONENESS.

What this sacred essence is about . . . is ignition.  IGNITING that which will powerfully move you into the purest and truest alignment - allowing you to receive, and embrace, all the gifts of SACRED LIGHT.  These Gifts come in some beguiling - even unexpected - and truly amazing ways.

Much that used to be . . .  may seem to be coaxed asunder - but that isn't really what is happening.  Allow me to introduce you to This Sacred Essence.  She comes as a potent and powerful ally.  A frequency of light that allows and encourages you to truly EMBRACE the transformations of light before you.

CRASH & BURN refers to this:  free*fall into change.  Allowing that which wishes - or needs - to transform, to do so.  Powerfully. Openly.  With your respect - with your blessing - with YOUR KNOWING that it is truly for the best.  But CRASH & BURN is more.  It exemplifies - and holds in sacred trust - this perfect and potent blessing:  THAT SOMETIMES THE MOST PRECIOUS THINGS IN LIFE - are wrapped in moments which, had we been given a choice, we would turn away from.  Yet, when all is said and done, when we see with THE SIGHT OF THE SOUL - we find that they were precious moments.  Powerful gifts of light that came to escort us into a new space.  A better life - a truer light - a more real expression of who we are.

CRASH & BURN & THEN SOME calls forth inside of you the wisdom to say . . . THIS IS GOOD.  THIS, TOO, WILL BE PERFECT.  THIS IS A DIVINE AND SACRED CREATION and I intend to hold it, honor it - and reap its deepest gifts and blessings.  But this essence invites something even more compelling to take form within you - THE KNOWING THAT, IN THIS LIGHT, only good can come.  Only LIGHT can take form.  And if we suspend our judgments about the form it takes, we can truly DANCE INTO THE BOUNDLESS NATURE OF ITS PRESENCE.  Oblivion is a perspective of the mind.  Do you know what the heart sees in its place?  PURE PRIMORDIAL BIRTH.

Of the most holy kind.

Welcome to . . . a new birth.  THIS BEAUTIFUL, SACRED ESSENCE embodies the deepest knowing of THE PHOENIX as she herself initiates every aspect of her most powerful metamorphosis:

THAT ONLY LIGHT can come from within her. 

AND ONLY LIGHT can touch her.


Ready for that knowing to be your own?  Welcome to a new best friend, sent courtesy of the ever-wise and ever-expanding PHOENIX's LIGHT.  Oh, she knows the way.  Indeed.  And so can you.




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