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"CRASH & BURN (THE RELEASE)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"CRASH & BURN (THE RELEASE)" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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Oh, the power
That comes when
We fully surrender. . .

This Essence comes with one purpose - and one alone.  How often do we, ourselves, have such singular CLARITY of BEING?  Rare for us - not for this sparkling creation.  She is ALL ABOUT . . . the powerful release OF SACRED LIGHT.

Its impacts and effects - not her concern.  Its trajectory or how its waves touch the world it flows through - she couldn't care less about that.  ALL SHE CARES ABOUT IS . . . THE FULL RELEASE OF THIS MOST SACRED FLOW OF LIGHT.  And, in our travel towards the call OF ONENESS - we'd do well to follow her lead.  Why?

Because . . . THE RELEASE of SACRED LIGHT is our fullest moment of POWER.  SOULFUL POWER unlike anything we, especially as human beings, ever experience.  It is at once A CLARIFYING and POTENT FORCE - that reshapes life as we know it.  It breeds in its very presence an intoxication of, and within, the powerful beauty of life - even as it transforms before our very eyes.  AND TRANSFORM IT WILL.

Crash and Burn for this essences alludes to - NOTHING STANDING IN ITS WAY.  All impediments and apparent obstructions to THE FLOW OF LIGHT - YOUR TRUEST BEING - will fall.  They come tumbling down in the sheer face of such a powerfully clear VIBRATION.

One that only asks of you - ARE YOU READY?


Ready to see and be




She's here.  If you're ready.  May THE MAGIC tumble forward right before your very eyes!

And may you be blessed by the sheer awe of . . . THE POWER OF SACRED LIGHT that lives inside you when begin to align yourself to - and for - THE VIBRATIONS OF ONENESS . . . coming forth now.

Oh, this is such a sweet and yet incredibly powerful time.  If you're ready, let's begin.



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