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MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Happy Blue Being! 521

MAGICAL PHOTOGRAPH - Happy Blue Being! 521

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Alone with my special friends that day, I was in a circle of woodland being who had, for the moment, COME TRULY ALIVE in a way and a sense we rigid-thinking humans might rarely consider them to be.

But this happy blue boy just shimmered and sparkled, until I took notice of him there, beside another friend, another tree.  AS I watched him in the sunlight, I could not help but wonder . . .  what might he REALLY be showing me, if my eyes could just see a bit asunder.  And happy was I, no matter what came in the photograph or did not . . . for this sweet, magical Being really brought a feeling and sense of magic out in the open, BRILLIANTLY SHINING THAT DAY IN MY HEART.

It never mattered to me if what I felt there WOULD EVER BE SEEN.  No, what truly mattered to me was HOW MAGICAL the rest of the day seemed to me to be. 

We touch one another in the deepest and most special of ways . . . when we let OUR LIGHT really dance on display for all to see.  This special, happy BEING really touched and ignited the magic in me that day.  I wonder . . . if he just may do the same for you, in a truly magical way!

Be careful with him, he really loves to dance.  The light and the sparkles coming off him can almost be touched.  So be ready to really add a shimmer to your life if you take this photograph home. Nothing short of MAGIC will be yours.  Of this, I am quite certain.  A Knowing born inside me that day . . . that HIS MAGIC had only then JUST BEGUN!


You will be purchasing one digital JPEG-file photograph in its original resolution.  Our magical photographs are raw, original, and untouched.  If the energy and magic of life touches you in a special way, you'll find the sparkles and glimmers quite profound in each of these.  AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD.  There is most definitely MAGIC AFOOT around here!

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