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CLASS:  12 - "ETHEREAL BUSINESSES" - A Sacred Business Plan For The Truly Magical

CLASS: 12 - "ETHEREAL BUSINESSES" - A Sacred Business Plan For The Truly Magical

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It happens. 

We don't realize it, at first. 

It floats in, settles into our hearts, and changes things. 

Then it sits there.  QUIET.  STATELY.  UNRELENTING.  Just waiting for US TO SEE that which sits there right before us - staring back.  KNOWING . . . we know it is there.  We're just AFRAID to rise to the MOMENT to meet it.

WE DO KNOW.  We are aware of its presence.  It's not hidden.  It's not EVEN SUBTLE.  We simply don't know quite what to make of it, less what to do both with it or about it - and so we let it sit.  There.  Staring back at us.

What is it?  THIS ETERNAL PRESENCE taking up root in our life as we begin truly LIVING a MAGICAL, ENCHANTED life in every breath of our being?  Including that of . . . WORK.  BUSINESS.  OUR LIFE's GIFTS.

Well, it's magical, I can tell you that.  It's also one of THE purest energies of creation.  That it beckons - and then we don't come running - is a quandary of THE HUMAN LANDSCAPE.  Those things that would so transform US into all we say we wish to be - and OUR WORLD into all we say we wish to behold . . . we turn away from.  Most often - we actually run!  They seem to ask TOO MUCH OF US.  They seem to have the urgency embedded into them which forces us to LEAVE THE OLD WAY BEHIND.  And they seem to have something else.  An unrelenting knowing that is this:


Can your soul's gifts truly take form . . .

On Wings.


LIfe here on this planet is about to change.  Quantumly.  Wholly.  Completely.  And, in some respects, in a life-defying way.  That CHANGE is upon us here - now - today.  And our inner PRESENCE OF LIGHT - OUR TRUE POWER - is beckoning us to be ready.  To prepare our inner worlds, yes - and our outer CREATION VESSELS - including OUR WORK . .. to receive THE SHIFT.

For what I call ETHEREAL BUSINESSES - those founded on LIGHT, birthed into presence by YOUR SOUL, and designed to fulfill a DESTINY which reigns all of your soul's gifts down on the planet - this is an especially potent time. 

Spiritual work - is spiritual play. 

And ETHEREAL BUSINESSES are not going to function - for long - or well . .  . in the current playbook or paradigm.  What is that playbook?  It's simple, really.  You take a SOULFUL or SPIRITUAL business and you fill it to overflowing with creations of your light and love.  THEN you take the container you have poured your heart and soul into . . .

And you move it

From The Sacred Sanctuary

Within which it was birthed without bounds or limits.

And it won't work.  I am not saying you may not be successful in the human sense of the word.  Likely you will.  But it will come at quite the cost.  An UNRECOVERABLE COST.  You will sacrifice the very pure and potent energy of LIGHT which birthed this business in the first place.  And over time - it will disintegrate.  Dissolve.  And you'll find what you are left with is simply A SHELL of the very real, very true, very PURE original creation.  And that shell . . . is not sustaining.  It's not even your true work.  It's a weak version of that.  And it no longer holds your soul light.

Here's the thing.  A SOULFUL BUSINESS - what I call AN ETHEREAL ONE - does not conform to today's business principles, industry practices, nor NORMS OF ECONOMICS.  In fact - IT WHOLLY DEFIES THEM.  Right from the very beginning.  It flaunts its OUTSIDE OF THEM status and shimmers with glee when someone from THAT SPACE says . . . IT CANNOT BE.

But what do you say?  Are you struggling to fit your SOULFUL, ETHEREAL BUSINESS . .. into the current marketing paradigm.  STOP.  Literally - do that first - STOP.  Stop trying, stop thinking, stop insisting that IT HAPPEN along the lines everyone else is following.  You cannot create a masterpiece by following the lines of another.

Are sacred * divine * and soulful. 

And they powerfully and intentionally call for wholly different approaches.  And practices.  They embody different truths.  And they do not tolerate:   A HYBRID STATE.  You must BE TRUE with them. Reflecting THEIR PURITY in sacred trust - in every SINGLE CHOICE or decision you make - and not just about your work but about everything in your life.

This is called CLEARING THE CHANNEL.  And after you do this, rather than TAKE THE HELM . . . you will, instead, take your hand off the wheel.  Sound . . . scary?  Sound . . . impossible?  Sound . . . insane?  HARDLY.  It is what THAT DIVINE and SACRED PRESENCE - the very life blood - and breath! - of your soulful creation . .  . is sitting there asking of you.  And don't act like you don't know it.  YOU DO.  You feel and sense it every time you think about what to do - ESPECIALLY in terms of marketing, sales, growth.

But I am here to tell you - unless - and until - YOU LISTEN TO THIS INNER VOICE FROM DEEP WITHIN YOU in that space WHERE THIS CREATION WAS FIRST BORN AND CAME FORTH FROM . . . nothing you do will work.  Not really.  Not truly.  And do you want that?  NO.  YOU DO NOT.  And here's why.  Because by trying to FIT YOUR SACRED LIFE'S WORK into THE CURRENT PARADIGM - you suffocate it.  You strangle its very life breath.  And when you do that, you kill your own.

Better to intentionally, powerfully and soulfully . . .

There actually - perhaps surprisingly! - IS  a business plan for your sacred business.  It's just not anything OUT THERE.  It can only come across the purest of channels, rising stately and secure from the very depths of the abyss within which ITS LIGHT was first born.  We traverse that channel every day.  And I'm here to tell you this:  IF YOU WANT TO FULFILL AND MEET AND COMPLETE your deepest destiny . . . the first step is not  to take THAT SOULFUL CREATION OF A SACRED BUSINESS that birthed inside you from the depths of your soul . . . and enact MARKETING with it, of it or into it.  STOP THAT! (And it's not often you will hear me say that!).

Back away.  Put down the instrument your mind is using.  Return to your center.  Come on this journey and you will leave it, when all is said and done . . . with A SHIMMERING, GLOWING - and TRULY MAGICAL - plan for your soulful business.  SACRED MAGIC that only you can enact - but which will be discovered here on our journey. 

We're beginning soon. 


:- )



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