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86 - "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES<br>Celestial Awakenings 10<br>"COMPLETE & WILD"

Celestial Awakenings 10

$ 44.00

Our Moon*Beam Sacred Essences infuse your life

With frequencies of Light and Love rarely encountered in this realm.

The very special "EDEN'S LIGHT" ESSENCES are a new family in our line.


They come specifically to ignite the CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS

Which open our human selves into



They are . . . POWERFUL.

Alchemy in a bottle.




 There is a special place within THE HEART OF LIGHT.  The very center of oneness holds an especially MAGICAL KNOWING.   It is the secret every other type of Being, on earth and beyond, knows and recalls.  We - as humans - have forgotten it for aeons.  But now, those awakening to live on earth as ALL OF WHO THEY TRULY ARE . .. .WHATEVER THAT COMES TO BE - EXCEEDING EVEN THEIR DEEPEST AND WILDEST DREAMS AND KNOWINGS . . . are asked to step back INTO THIS PUREST of KNOWINGS.

It is at once simple - and complex beyond comprehension.  IT is both SPELL*BINDING and ordinary in i ts truest presentation.  And it is something more.  IT IS CELESTIAL TRUE AND TRUE - TO THE DEEPEST CORE OF LIFE'S VERY BEING ITSELF.

It is this:  every creation of Light, every impulse of energy, every single spark of Light that forms . . . goes on to become something INNATELY and BEAUTIFULLY COMPLETE.  More importantly, in its truest most natural state - it is WILD.  WILD .. .  as in UNTAMED - UNTETHERED - UNBRIDLED.  Pure free flowing . . . a perfect mirrored reflection of the LIGHT of WHENCE IT CAME.

We as human beings forget this.  And we live so far beyond this knowing that it catapults us forever more into a duality that is, at its heart, both untrue - AND PURE ILLUSION.  How do we get out?  Out of that prison of our  very own making?  WE REMEMBER THIS COMPLETE MATRIX OF LIGHT that knows . . . we are complete, we are whole, and we are free.  In every sense of the word you can think of, yes.  But more importantly - and ever more truly - in so many more.

Being WILD means something we as physical beings rarely grasp.  But every other consciousness here on earth living in this physical realm as a physical being DOES KNOW - and beyond that DOES TRULY LIVE.  They could not imagine living otherwise - it would be such a false life s to feel so painful to them as to be embedded, by their own choosing, before they ever began down that path.

We, as human, material beings here on earth - could learn a lot from these other, wise, physical essences of LIGHT.  Enter . . .  THIS SACRED, EDEN'S LIGHT ESSENCE - designed to restore in our cellular matrix the truest knowing of ourselves AS BEINGS OF LIGHT . . . as we journey deeply into, intent on fully embracing and being absorbed by and into, THE HEART OF ONENESS.

This essence does change you.  But more than that, it sculpts away all that you have gathered to yourself that is no longer true - and weighing you down.  LIGHTNESS OF BEING is an ever-present adornment of ONENESS.  If we but knew this, and remembered our truest, most natural state of being . .  .that vibration would elevate us above all the normal teachings of spirit which humans occupy their minds with.

And that is the truth - the real truth.  Our spiritual journeys are so tethered to, and within, our minds . . . that we haven't even yet left the building, so to speak, on the path towards our destination.  WE are so unfamiliar with our own deep and truest landscape - as it really, truly is - that we look outwards forever more, even when we THINK and BELIEVE we are turning inwards.

This ESSENCE changes that.  She presents to you a very real - and sobering - possibility.  That once you truly SEE and FEEL and KNOW the heart of oneness . . . you leave behind all the spiritual truths you have been clinging to.  They are human renditions of a very pure light that mankind did not hold in its heart.  And that is where - EXACTLY WHERE - this pure essence takes you.  DEEP INTO THE HEART OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE as A BEING OF LIGHT.  You can't escape ONENESS.  Only . . . deny it.

What's it going to be?

All of humanity is called upon now to choose.

And this essence is here to powerfully and brilliantly LIGHT THE WAY.  A beacon she is, yes.  A powerful, exponentially bright frequency that shines into the shadows of your mind . . . and reveals THE TRUEST KNOWINGS OF THE SACRED HEART.

You can't really turn away.

But you can certainly put out your hand and take the journey with your eyes open, your heart committed, and your mind in the passenger seat - as it was always designed to be - and belongs.

COMPLETE & WILD - when you live that . . . you are ever IN the halls of ONENESS.  AND THAT SACRED SPACE, that most pure of lights, beckons to you now . . . from there.

THIS ESSENCE can show you the way.

Let's Begin.


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