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"COMPELLING" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"COMPELLING" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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There is something coming. 


It lies before you. 



Whether you know it or not . . . you  have already entered A CELESTIAL MATRIX OF LIGHT.  Simply entertaining the possibility - for yourself - of transformation and spiritual expansion sets into motion MUCH that is never seen and rarely known.  Still - yet - it exists, like a silently, invisibly orchestrated recipe to draw you in - to move you to the exact space you most need to be - to receive . . . ITS GIFTS.

Those Gifts?  New Truths of LIGHT - which change YOU.  They change how you see, how you think, how you exist.  But more than these, they literally - rematrix you - and your light - into a new, higher frequency.  ONE THAT IS UNIQUE and RARE.  One that can only be lived . . . by you.  Why?

Because it is A SEED which lies deep in the center of your being.  AND ONLY IN YOU.  You carry that unique frequency of light and only you can birth that seed.  When this truly settles into you, a new and COMPELLING realization takes hold.  YOU - YOUR LIGHT - is needed.  Not for what you give to others or how you might interact with them.  But so that THE SEED IS BORN.  This creates a rainbow of light in the energetic grid of the universe - that holds a wholeness and completeness we can hardly yet even imagine.

So - YES - it is up to you.  IT IS ALL UP TO YOU.  To birth that seed - or not.  To allow it to reveal itself through you - your vibration.  You don't need another to hold it - know it - or understand it.  And certainly not to follow it.  YOU NEED ONLY LIVE IT FOR YOURSELF.

This Essence comes to illuminate deep within you THE SEED OF LIGHT held at the core of your being.  How will she do so?  By guiding you to open the doorways inside yourself which allow this long-dormant LIGHT FIELD within you to begin germinating.  Eventually . . . you will birth that light.  AS YOU STEP INTO THE DEPTHS OF ONENESS.  This may be as you leave your form - or as your form leaves you.  These are two very different things, but suffice it to say - either way . . . ONENESS is MET.

Meeting that moment with YOUR SEED OF LIGHT ready to gift to the world creates an ARC OF LIGHT within you that is every soul's dream come true.  You'll see.

Nothing else matters to THE SOUL - YOUR ESSENCE. NOTHING.  Except to birth this SEED.

Are you ready?  The time is now.  THE LIGHT of THIS ESSENCE will show you how - by revealing it within you, one spark of light at a time.  No other can give you what she can . .  . for she is a pure mirror that reflects YOUR OWN DEEPEST LIGHT.  Your Soul's Communication is encoded within her.  Listen.  IT IS TIME.  And then allow it to guide you home.

Take this essence when you feel her calling.  You will find your SEED OF LIGHT such a compelling presence.  Nothing else will matter to you, once it is revealed.  This process may take as much as six months.  Embrace that time.  It is full of discovery, magical journeys into the unknown . . . and deep vibrations of light that will prepare you for the unveiling.  Within you.

Ready?  It's time to begin.  And we're all here to celebrate with you as you take this most precious of first steps.  There's no turning back.  THE DEEP END awaits.  Beckons.  A beguiling journey.  COME.  Step into THE MAGIC.  We're all going.  Choose your moment.  It can be now.



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