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This is a  9-month class, shorter than all the others we offer.

It's potent, don't worry.  It's wild - in a very magical way. 

It's all about LOOSENING and LIGHTENING UP . . . and letting your INNER LIGHT FREE.  We call that, letting your MAGIC GO WILD!

At the same time . . . this class is about something else.  It's about inviting - and igniting - those hidden discoveries of THE CONNECTIONS IN OUR LIVES between events of the past and our future.  When we do this - when we INVITE the magic in full force, to reveal itself, to bless us with ITS knowing of the whys and wherefores . . . then something so precious and powerful happens, that it gives me chills. 

This class was born of a discovery I made while setting up this shop.  I won't go into it here.  But something that had happened, something I had done some long time ago, SUDDENLY revealed its deeper purpose to me.  THE CONNECTION it held to something about to take place in my life now, some time later.

OH WOW.  I mean it - really - this was WOW!  And though I live and breathe - and dance :- ) - in a realm of magic that is my every breath unlike anything most can fathom . . . I WAS STILL SPELLBOUND.  Quite literally.  The connection was SO DEEP and SO POWERFUL and so . . . how to say . . . MEANINGFUL.  It took my breath away and to this moment I am in AWE of how something took place in my life that was THIS IMPORTANT but at the moment of its birthing, at the time of its first appearance, I QUITE LITERALLY - had no clue.

I was struck by how incredibly MAGICAL and BEAUTIFUL it is . . . when those connections are revealed to us.  They set things to right, they return our view to one that sees harmony and perfection in all the twists and turns.  And they do something more - they imbue us with this never-ending breathless wonder AT JUST HOW MAJESTIC OUR LIVES AND THIS WORLD REALLY ARE.

Come - if you want to really SEE YOUR OWN MAGICAL LIFE as it truly is . . . by revealing the hidden connections between you, your path, your future and moments of the past - THEN THIS IS YOUR JOURNEY.  It will be an adventure, I can promise you that.  A SOJOURN of revelation, illumination . . . and whimsy!

If you're ready for that, join us!  We begin soon.  And you can join at any time!

YES, magic happens.  And sometimes, WHEN WE CAN FINALLY SEE IT REVEALED IN ALL ITS WONDER AND GLORY . . . we are ever then more grateful for this one precious, sacred life we each hold. 

We're ready..  Are you coming?


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