Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Beyond TIME & SPACE lies a field.  A space filled with LIGHT - but dark and seen as A VOID.  It's not that the space is empty.  It's simply that what is there cannot be seen.  Not yet, that is.  Not with human eyes, peering through A MIND.

But the artist knows something about THIS FIELD OF LIGHT.  She - or he - accesses it WITH HER HEART.  And here, all is boundless.  Yes, it's true.  Like an eternally BRIGHT * PURE * PRISTINE . . . canvas.  The Artist comes to this space not to create.  She comes not bearing her tools of the trade.  Rather, she approaches it almost as A SANCTUARY.  Her muse may reside here, it's true.  But this space, well . . .
It is truly SO MUCH MORE.

The artist settles in, quiet and still - and allows THE PRIMORDIAL DEPTHS to come forth.  Against this velvety, pregnant backdrop . . . shimmers appear.  Sparkles take form.  Glimmers weave across its surface . . . and soon come to take her by the hand.  The sparkles lead her along a new path - one never taken before.  Everything is new here.  She need not have technique nor vision.  She need not have tools of the trade. 

ALL she truly needs - is herself. 


If anything helps her to truly soar on this journey . . . it is to give herself THE PERMISSION . . . to use her wings.  To fly - to soar - to reach new heights.  To allow herself to be a VESSEL of SACRED CREATION LIGHT.  To surrender, in the moment, TO THE CREATION - and let IT guide HER.  She chooses not its form nor its elements.  They flow through her - in the moment - far beyond the field of what SHE would think or know or choose - or even want.

She dances with this pure energy of FIRST LIGHT in a space of total trust - and confidence.  And OH MY, the magic that ignites is . . . well, breathtaking.  As if your soul is on display with a huge show of fireworks.  Sparkles here, shimmers there, the impossible nearly taking form RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES.

You see, THE SOULFUL ARTIST lives inside each of us.  She is there - right now - this very moment . . .  beckoning to you.  Training aside - move to greet her.  She will teach you this one thing . . . you don't need to be taught.  LET HER LOOSE!  ALLOW HER TO TRULY FLY!  You will amaze yourself at what SHE can create through you.

Think of her as this: 


The Most Potent Fairy Of All!

The one who births all of LIGHT into form.  She's large scale - and tiny, too.  Think STARS bursting forth in the furthest reaches of THE COSMOS.  And tiny dewdrops that hold fairy babies on a leaf, birthing anew.  YES, she is THE MATRIARCH of MAGIC.  Do you know why?  BECAUSE SHE HOLDS ALL OF CREATION WITHIN HER HEART.

As too, do you.  If you're not feeling that way in your life - OR IN YOUR ART :- ) - come.  She beckons.  Let us introduce you to her, already living there in the depths of your heart.

You may ask, in a moment of human weakness of spirit, what your mind most wants to know right now.  WHY DOES MY ART MATTER?  WHY SHOULD I CARE?  WHAT's IN IT FOR ME?  I say these questions come from your mind . . . because YOUR HEART already knows these answers.  They are held there for you, in your deepest inner sanctuary, by your HEART.  When you're ready - you will know them, too.

In the meantime,


To birth a new creation. 


The true SOUL*FUL Artist

You Came To Be. 

And how do we do that?  By reminding you WHY YOUR ART does matter.  By helping you to remember that when you HONOR what flows through you without constraining its flow . . . you free your own soul.  And because when you RETURN THIS CENTER POINT OF YOURSELF to its true place of honor - it seems as if ALL MAGICALLY RIGHTS itself in your world.

In a word (or two or three :-  ) - this truly IS . . .  A GIFT YOU GIVE YOURSELF.

Come.  You'll see!

WE are ready to begin. 
But the Million Dollar Question is this . . .
 Are THEE?

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