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Beyond what we think of as science, and the mind, lies A TREASURE.  A beautiful landscape of hidden lands and powerful, potent truths.  TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  TRUTHS OF SPIRIT.  TRUTHS OF OUR INNERMOST BEING.

And yet, we rarely, for all our time on earth, truly engage WITHIN OURSELVES in these pools of vast light.  We almost never focus our attention on them, and into them, and through them . . .  as we might do our physical forms.  We spend hours each week honing our physical fitness - or the thinness of our forms, eating in a certain way to create health and wellness, and monitoring all sorts of indicators from our weight to our blood pressure to our blood itself.

And we do this because we believe our bodies are physical.  That they derive both their existence of being - and their power or presence - from the most physical states of our being.  Yet . .  . this is not actually the case.  THIS IS REALLY NOT TRUE.

What IS true is this:  our bodies, and every expression of life on earth that is deemed to be MATTER or A MATERIAL life form . . . springs forth, at its inception, from a pure vibration OF LIGHT.  Therefore we are, in our deepest essence - A VIBRATION OF LIQUID ENERGY, OF PURE LIGHT.  FIRST LIGHT is the inner source of life for all beings, no matter their form or their density.  And FIRST LIGHT is created to be the perfect, pure frequency of LOVE.  Not human love.  CELESTIAL, DIVINE LOVE.  The kind that holds NO FEAR.

What this means for us as human beings is this:  we are NOT who we think we are.  And we are CERTAINLY NOT who we have been living our lives as if we were.  If you want to change your life - change your frequency.  If you want something to shift, change your vibration.  If you want to really live a magical, soulful, PURE EXPRESSION OF A LIFE . . .  LIVE THAT LIFE AS THE LIGHT WHICH IS AT YOUR VERY CENTER OF EXISTENCE.

To do so is a magical and wildly potent thing.  You have no idea.  No, literally - YOU HAVE NO IDEA.  Your mind cannot fathom the truths about THE PHYSICS OF SPIRIT AND LIGHT.  I can.  They were given to me.  I learned to live them in a way that defies the mind, not to mention human paradigm.  It's a powerful way to live.

Come.  Join Me. 
If you're truly ready . . .

Believe me, there are compelling surprises in store in this class.  WHY NOT KNOW THE TRUTH?  And . . . even more incredibly . . . WHY NOT LIVE IT ? ? ?

This class makes it possible to do so.  It is actually part of A THREE YEAR CLASS, believe it or not!  It goes that deep - it has that much breadth - it is that potent.  Begin with one year.  If you can integrate and master THE GIFTS PRESENTED IN THE FIRST YEAR . . . then the next class becomes available for your purchase.

These classes are deep * potent * soulful things.  Expect to boggle your mind.  Expect to leave everything you think or believe to be true at the door when you come in.  You won't be needing them.  You are embracing new and sacred ground here.  HALLOWED GROUND.  The truths of our being.  Like you have never before imagined them to be. 

Don't worry - you don't need a physics degree.  Actually, that would probably hold you back.  This is understanding from a higher field of intelligence and a deeper awareness.  Your mind will follow, not take the lead.  IT really can't fathom these truths.  But it will help you to integrate them.  They're amazing.  And it will be up to you just how deep you go in them.  We'll take you as far as you wish to go.  This class listing is for THE FIRST YEAR.

We're ready and waiting.  Are you?



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