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It comes to each of us - this beckoning  LIGHT.  It dances and shimmers, yet silently moves into position in our lives.  Right before us.  FRONT.  AND CENTER.

And then it won't move away.  We can't outrun it.  We can't ignore it, though we may try - for a time - before we grow wise.  In truth - IT HAS COME
And now the only question is this:  

When do

WE ourselves


Soul*Play is a very special class.  It is light*hearted, yet deep.  It is about the physics of light, yet whimsical.  And it is about something more.  It is about HOW BEING TRUE opens up A WHOLE NEW GALAXY of play in your life.

Everything suddenly takes on this magical, ethereal hue.  And by that I mean this:  everywhere you turn something MAGICAL is taking form, happening, or flowing through your life.  This is a bit like MAGIC on steroids - or caffeine :- ) - to use two very human examples.  What I mean to say is that this . . .  is MAGIC or LIGHT or SPIRIT (whichever word you choose) bouncing around in your life as if its only purpose is to make you go breathless time and again.

It's a powerful thing.  Heady too.  But it opens you into the expansive-most regions of your HEART.  And this is, truly, where SOUL PLAY begins. In your heart.  If your life feels dull or weighed down by the past - or the present - or your vision of the future . . . come here.  THIS CLASS changes every view you see when you peer out those eyes of yours at the world around you.  Even - of your inner world as well!

We go deep here - yes, - REALLY REALLY REALLY deep. :- )  But we do it in a very LIGHT, MAGICAL, FUN, UPLIFTING way.  It honestly feels like. . . 


And that is one of the secrets of our soul.  If we don't resist, if we don't cram it into our own limited constructs - every single expansion of  our soul, our light, our love . . . comes forward in its truest state:- which is magical.  Which means joyful, with a lightness of being that  IS  the hallmark of the soul.  If your life is not feeling QUITE THAT WAY at this time . . . then this is YOUR MOMENT.  Take it.

Our class will change you.  And that will change your life.

Is there truly any more you could possibly need to KNOW than that!?!?!?

I think not.  When you're ready - come. 

It will be one of THE most life-changing,
Heart-affirming, Love-expanding things
You may ever actually do.
We're ready. 

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