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They are ethereally woven Webs Of Light.

As much as we may think of them in terms of marriage or business, what they really, TRULY are is this:  A SACRED WEB.  A weaving together of different energies and different expressions of LIGHT.

They come to us, they beckon from that space where two is better than one.  And yet - IN TRUTH - they have absolutely NOTHING to do with our strengths or another's weaknesses.  They have nothing REALLY to do with division of labor or contractual responsibilities.  If you think they do, you are MISSING the TRUE POWER and TRUE GIFT . . . of PARTNERSHIP.


Are soulful invitations

To grow stronger, deeper, and more true -

In our own inner landscape of LIGHT. 

Our ability to live as, hold deeply, and express . .  . ONENESS.  Our emanation of that energy IS THE VERY CORE of partnership.  Learning to do so PURELY and TRULY - with honesty and open, clear, and direct communication - is a life-changing thing.

Suddenly, what was a battle becomes a shared challenge.  What was an ever-expanding disagreement is seen now from a much higher space.  A place where both entities can be honored. 

And I want you to know something - this is not about compromise nor resolving things.   THIS IS FAR, FAR DEEPER.  This is about truly stepping into THE WHOLENESS of who you truly are - with all of your wit, all of your light, all of your magic.  It is about OPENING YOUR HEART in a new, wider way.  And letting that new space be THE SACRED VESSEL wherein your partnerships are held.

And do be aware . . . we are not just talking about physical ones here, meaning relationships with other humans.  You have soul partnerships, too.  And you have partnerships between the different aspects of your being, which YOUR ESSENCE coordinates.

YES, partnership.  It's so much more and runs so much deeper than we believe.  BUT THERE IS SUCH A GREAT JOY in actually LIVING YOUR LIFE with all of your sacred partnerships honored - expressed - complete.  Try it.  YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the difference such living will bring into your life.  It's as if someone suddenly turned the garden on - blooms of light and magic and sparkles begin shimmering everywhere.  Even in some corners you thought you'd never want to visit ever again!


Are A Sacred Journey. 

Our Class is, at its heart, about this: 

The Art of Living Oneness in Relationships. 

If you're ready, we're here.  Prepare to be transformed!  And do you know what the very best part of all is?  IT IS YOU WHO TRANSFORM ! ! !   You actually hold all the power.  You are not trying to change "THE OTHER" at all.  Magic, that is!  INDEED !

This is a potent class. It holds a lot of wisdom and a lot of energy.  Take it together - wow!  The energies, the transformations . . . THE GIFTS!!! . . . will be amazing!


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