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There is a space - deep in every soul - that yearns for . . .


Something sacred.  Something ethereal.  Something beyond what is lived here on earth.

Is it fantasy, this inner yearning?  Is it ever the battle between the ordinary & the extraordinary - the familiar & the unknown - the fairytale & reality?  No.  It's not.  It's not about any of those - potent metaphors though they may be.  :- )

Rather, this class is about AWAKENING within each of us . . . 


The humankind thoughts of marriage are put aside here.  THIS IS ALL ABOUT releasing . . . and, ok, let's be honest . . . IGNITING - the LIGHT within your depths that bring to you some very special things.  One of which is this: 




This is not about fixing an ailing marriage - though it will.  This is not about changing your partner - though it may.  This is not about HOW TO GET A GUY - OR A GIRL - in ten steps - though it could happen.  REALLY, this is about . . .


When we do that - when we take that step, consciously and soulfully, with THE INTENTION that it be held within the very vessel which is - or was - or may become


THAT IS WHEN WE TRULY ALLOW OUR OWN HEARTS TO OPEN in a brand new way.  A way that brings giggles.  And sighs.  A way that turns our thoughts of love, and like, and even, well INTIMACY . . . on its ears.  Why?  Are we all each other's soul mates?  Well, that my friends IS  a whole other class - thanks for reminding me of that! :- )  But it's not really about THE OTHER.  THE SOUL MATE.  THIS IS ABOUT YOU!

You see, when you are vibrating - IN YOUR VERY CENTER - to your truest Light, your most authentic self . . . you open all your own inner doorways, gateways and windows.  That does two very powerful things.  IT places you standing in alignment at every level of your being - WITH YOUR TRUEST ENERGY.  And as you do that - THAT is exactly what then flows out from you, now completely uninhibited, not held back - and, perhaps most importantly, not interfered with/intruded upon/or weakened by anything, especially - FEAR.

The second very powerful thing it does is this then:  as THAT FULL, PURE, POTENT energy of YOUR LIGHT is freely flowing outwards . . . it creates the beautiful, magnetic energy of LIGHT RUNNING FREE  which brings your soul its deepest feeling of joy.  And when that happens - well, MAGIC IS IGNITED everywhere your light goes, within everything it touches.  Including YOU.  And all those you are in sacred relationship with.

Those two things, the swirls of LIGHT flowing freely out - and the now purely aligned, sparklingly true ALIGNMENT of OPEN SPACE WITHIN YOU - draws back to you THE SAME KIND OF LIGHT.  Now be fairwarned - that will usually shock you in the form it takes.  Tall, dark and handsome?  Could be.  Talkative, playful and tender?  Perhaps.  But it may take a form you never see coming.  And that is part of the beauty and magic you held within you all along.

You see, SOUL MATES wait for US.  For us to be wholly TRUE.  For us to be THE IGNITION ENERGY.  For us to let OUR LIGHT do the talking.  In its free flow out from us . . . we can't help but find OUR TRUE SOUL MATE staring back into our eyes.  They may have been right there all along - hidden from our view.  If we think that can only occur in fairy tales, I'm here to tell you - WE'RE WRONG. 

TRUE, PURE LOVE does exist. 

And it exists WITHIN YOU. 

Live that - wholly, truly, purely  .  . . in some perhaps surprising new ways.  AND SEE WHAT MAGIC appears before you.  I promise you this.  You will NEVER EVER EVER think of marriage the same way again . . .  after this class.  And - likely - MARRIAGE will become one of the most fun, generous and rewarding aspects of your life.  Sound too good to be true?  Oh, contrare.

But it's up to you.   IT IS ALL - UP - TO YOU! :- )


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