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CLASS:  20 - "TRUE SOUL*MATES" . . . They're Unlike Anything We Know

CLASS: 20 - "TRUE SOUL*MATES" . . . They're Unlike Anything We Know

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Here we explore the deep magic of . . .


Not the kind, though, oft spoken of.  We are talking here about something deeper. TRUE SOUL MATES.

Who are these yearned for Beings?  Why do they appear - and sometimes then disappear?  Are SOUL*MATES really, truly . . .  REAL?

All these questions - and much, much more - are explored . . . AND ANSWERED . . . in our class.  Soul Mates are, at their core, energetic impulses of vibration and light.  They are not bound by the laws of physics nor of this material realm.  They may inhabit more than one form at a time.  And they aren't always who you would think.  They're not always the one you would run to, arms wide open, breathless with wonder.  Sometimes.  Well, sometimes, they are the very one you ran from.

You see SOUL MATES carry within them one thing - and one thing only.  And it is the very frequency of vibration which ties us to them and them to us.  But it's not what you think.  It's not about roses and champagne - though that will do! ;- )  Just kidding.

No, SOUL MATES exist beyond the physical, respond ONLY to Light, and are here on soul purposes and missions (or not here, as the case may be ) to AWAKEN US TO - or WITHIN - OUR HIGHEST PATH MORE TRULY.

When they beckon . . . we'd best respond.  When we beckon to them . . . we'd best be ready.  Why?  Because at its core, SOUL MATE ENERGY is attraction in the purest of physical senses.  It is not about physical attraction or libidos.  Fine, shoot me.  But I'm here to tell you IT IS NOT.  No matter how much we might think we want it to be. 

RATHER, SOUL MATE ENERGY holds a flammable fuel of creation which, when ignited by your sparks of LIGHT (and no, I do not mean the other kind) - sets into place A FLAME that, once ignited, can never burn out. 

Think of it as THE SPARK at the center
Of the raging chaos of energy which births STARS. 
Complete - utter immersion - mind-defyingly powerful.

These are OUR SOUL MATES.  And, well.  I can only tell you here - they are EVER QUITE DIFFERENT than we think or believe.  They hold energies in sacred trust.  AS we do for them.  And those energies release when our vibrations MEET - and more importantly - MATCH.  You might never meet your soul mate in the form where you actually witness that happening.  Quite often . . .IT IS STEALTH.  Below and beneath the surface.  HIDDEN IN THE FREQUENCIES OF ONE you see to be OTHER THAN - wholly different from YOUR SOUL MATE.  I caution on those types of judgments here.   The class will remove them.  Because you can only SEE and CONNECT WITH your truest soul mate . . . when your eyes are open and your heart is CLEAR.

That's what we do in this class. 

PREPARE you for the wonder of receiving . .  .


IT IS, and can become, a life long path.  But that's not what you think.  That means the two of you are walking so closely step in step - that you don't see or feel them outside of you.  That's actually a good thing.  If you take the class, you'll come to know . . . what we mean.

OFTEN WHAT APPEARS TO NOT BE IN YOUR LIFE .  .  . is simply there in a form you look past.  Or through.  We take a new approach to that in the class.  So you can truly SEE what lies in front of you.  Beside you.  And beyond.  It's a fascinating thing, SOUL *  MATES.  Just don't leave it at what the world, even the spiritualists, think it to be.


Come to find out




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