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CLASS:  15 - "Going Beyond"

CLASS: 15 - "Going Beyond"

$ 4,444.00

This class is about . . . how to say this delicately  . .  . BECOMING ANEW.

Rather than applying the same principles of spirit we learn - or are taught - or are fed by the media or even our most respected connective souls . . .

This is different.  This is new.

This is designed to be a fun and powerfully magical journey. 

Where are we going? 

In a word 



Beyond what you think.  Even beyond what you KNOW.  Beyond who you say and believe and even enact that you are.  This is about THE DEEPEST and TRUEST ALCHEMY OF LIGHT.  It is potent, yes.  But that's not the point.  If ever there was a class about JOY - and BLISS - this would be it!

You see - whatever it is that we think is IN OUR WAY, an OBSTACLE or A BARRIER - is only there because on some level we are either asking it to be, or needing it to be.  Now, I know - THAT'S NOT HOW IT SEEMS.  Believe me, I've been there.  I've lived that.  Over and over again :- ).  UNTIL I FINALLY GOT IT!  UNTIL I SAW what was sitting in the center of each of those "beyond me" moments.

When we are willing to put everything on the table - to say to our soul or essence this: 



Well, we don't just invite in ALCHEMY. 

We Master It. 

But it is far less about melding others around us, including other forms of light, to bend to our will.  RATHER, this is about our own internal matrix of Being . . . changing * shifting *transitioning . . .  into some powerfully NEW and EXTRAORDINARY truths of light.

Now, what does that mean, TRUTHS? Did someone ELECT or DICTATE that these are our truths?  No.  TRUTH is a choice.  We always choose what is TRUE for us.  But these are THE TRUTHS that LIGHT ITSELF, at its very purest frequency, from within the first spark of its energy and vibration - has chosen  TO BE TRUE for all of LIGHT.  And we are - at our center - our very ESSENCE - nothing BUT light.

IF you feel otherwise, this class is not for you.  Unless you are open to bending that truth for yourself.  For you see, the alchemy that comes forth here is ALL INTERNAL.  IT takes form in the VERY DEEPEST DEPTHS of your Being.  But it also will - quite literally - rock the world around you.  This class is . . . A QUAKING.  Your world will shake and move in accordance with some PRINCIPLES OF VERY HIGH LIGHT.  And in that space, you will find you are hardly who you thought you were.


Join us.  If you feel the yearning .  . 

TO REALLY KNOW WHO YOU TRULY ARE.  And to live that ever more.


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