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This very special class is being released into our SPELL*BOUND Collection of Classes on the very day our shoppe births into the world - VALENTINE'S DAY.

 At 11:11 am.  I KID YOU NOT!  For those of you acquainted with the frequencies of Light, you know what that means.  Far more than what most humans believe it to hold as a numerical or vibrational paradigm. Yes, that sequence - more potent, more sacred, more whole . . . than we know.

And it is here, welcoming into our class collections . . . perhaps :- ) . . . one of the "MOST SPELL*BOUND" of them all!

Our Class, "FREE*FLOW", holds the energetic blueprint of all of LIGHT.  Life, in all of its forms, basks in this frequency - and moves to its vibration.  More stunningly, all of life truly does obey its command.  That command?  LOVE.  Not as humans think of it or oft see it to be - not some physical paradigm enactment of LOVE that is filled with holes of fear, judgement, and disbelief.

No . . . this is a whole OTHER STORY.  A TRUE LOVE STORY.  The kind that can only come from that purest space of LIGHT deep within us all.

This class discovers, honors - and most importantly - ENACTS . . . the FREE FLOW OF LIGHT that is both our sacred birthright, and our covenant with our soul.  A PROMISE GIVEN LONG AGO.  A FULFILLMENT THAT CAN ONLY COME NOW.  HERE.  THIS VERY TIME.

This class is an important one.  A BIG ONE.  Perhaps even . . . THE BIGGEST.

It represents this:  The merge into ONENESS - as a Final Act Of Light.  Consciously knowing who you truly are and came to be.  And leaving human paradigms behind.  THE CHOICE.  It has arrived.

You cannot make that choice truly and purely without the foundation of THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT living and breathing within you as your own.  THIS CLASS . . .  is that portal.  It opens the gateway TO . . . THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  It prepares you to enter them, absorb them, and to live them.  But you have to be ALL IN.  You must CHOOSE to BE the light.  And then you can learn to live it.

We're ready.  Here we go!  Are you . . . COMING?


Welcome.  WE are beginning a whole new life in this class.  For the world.  A WORLD OF FIRST LIGHT!  Join us - if your heart says "YES".  And all will unfold from there - with beauty, mystery, magic - and divine and sovereign grace.  A WORLD OF LIGHT is our gift to the world.  AND WE ARE THAT LIGHT.

This is a year-long class.

You may choose to pay quarterly or annually.

Both options are offered in the CHOOSE ELEMENTS

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