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CLASS:  13 - "COME HOME:  To Who You Truly Are"

CLASS: 13 - "COME HOME: To Who You Truly Are"

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Without a doubt,
We live within . . . beckons to each of us.

And it is true that, for most of us, we move through our lives without truly TAKING PRESENCE in any deeply true way in the world around us.

YET . . .  there are glimmers.  Tiny shimmers of LIGHT pulsating through our lives, ever asking us . . . ARE YOU READY NOW?

You see, it is always UP TO US. 

IT is always . . .


And that choice is - at its heart - A Soulful One.

If you are feeling the stirrings within you, you know that a sense of unease can accompany the prelude of what is on the horizon.   Be not afraid.  What comes . . .  IS LOVE.  Yes, it may take a different form.  It may ask more of you than you knew was possible to give.  And it will give you back, in return, a hundred times over .  .  . in its own currency.  Do you know  what that currency is?  PURE JOY.

If you are ready for a life that feels almost as if it is BORN ANEW . . . this is the class, and the unfolding, designed to bring you face to face with that very experience. 


Unleashes OUR SOUL's LIGHT . . . like nothing else. 

And in the wake of that ENERGY, we ourselves are compelled

To be and to have and to create . . . OUR TRULY MOST JOYFUL LIFE.

If that is, by chance, not what you seem to be living . . . you can remedy that.  YOU CAN CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY.  You can have A WHOLE NEW WORLD open up before you in this very moment. 
All by really EMBRACING . . .
In a brand new way. 

And when that step has been taken - when you are signed up, class is paid for, and you are sitting there wondering what comes next . . . you will feel something there, just barely glimmering beneath the surface.  A Feeling.  A Truth.  A New Knowing Inside You.

That Knowing . . .  that you are coming home.
And it is time.


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