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A special time has come.
A magical moment has arrived.
And a truly enchanting creation is here.
A moment of awakening. 
A moment of priority. 
A Moment of pure
This class is incredibly dear to me.  THREE YEARS in the making - I kid you not!  It is the beautiful flower now set to blossom from the seed born in a very powerful, turbulent time.  You know the kind.  Where all seems lost.  Where you doubt all that has become your foundation.  Where life itself seems to have lost all meaning and conscience.
"THE FOREST CHILD" is a class taught through me - by, and with, some VERY SPECIAL CHILDREN.  They live in families on earth like yours and mine - ordinary, everyday families.
Yet, these children are special.  And they hold amazing gifts - of wisdom, of light, of truth.  And they are ready to share those with you.  Come to find out, parents and family members often struggle to truly UNDERSTAND and KNOW these children.  They often do not realize that their child NEEDS - and is yearning for - a very special, very true alignment of inner soul and outer environment.
These children THRIVE when their vibrations and frequencies are supported within the principles of light - rather than those defaulted to by parents everywhere.  These children ask of you, and of me, that we truly cultivate PRESENCE within our selves, and with them - so that we can HEAR THEM, UNDERSTAND THEM, and HONOR THEM.
If your child is sensitive, emotional or simply seems to have a very special inner landscape . . . this class is for you.  So that you can love them with a new understanding of how they function, how they live in this world, and what their lives need to hold in order for them to thrive.  Believe it or not . . . it's hardly what the experts say.  The TRUE EXPERTS here are these children themselves.  They know and understand themselves better than we know.  WE just have to allow them to communicate with us from their souls, from their hearts, from their wisest and truest selves.
Your child is ok.  This is about YOU.  You learning to see them through fresh eyes, through the wisdom of a spirit that is strong and enchanting and knows more than you can even imagine about their place in this world.  It is also one of the rarest opportunities you will ever have to truly KNOW YOUR CHILD - their heart and soul.
Join us.  They have waited a long time.  Give them your full attention.  And your life will NEVER be the same.  I promise you that!  You cannot remain in the old life once they touch you.  They're waiting for us, their parents, to awaken.  Are you ready?  I hope so.  Because how else can you ever hope to love them truly or to parent them well . . . until you know what they truly NEED?  They have come forward now to give us that very gift.  Soul to soul.

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