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 Beyond what we think and know . . . ENLIGHTENMENT lives within us all.  It is not some place we get to,  nor is it something which can be bestowed upon us.  Rather . . . it is something we awaken, and remember, from deep within ourselves.

Pure Enlightenment is simply LIVING IN THE CENTER OF ONENESS.  But this class is about something even more deeply profound.

SATORI - often referred to as "sudden inner enlightenment" - comes from embracing the purest alignment with our ESSENCE.  WHO WE TRULY ARE.  And though many traditions have a method for getting there, the truth is this:  IT LIVES INSIDE US.  Uncovering it, revealing it, embracing it . . . is all up to us.

This class came forward in a most beautiful - and powerful - way.  It was born through the CELESTIAL ENERGIES of TRANSFORMATION during the summer solstice.  It asked to be both THE BEGINNING and THE END.  Thus, it is the deep enactment and embodiment of our first class - "MAGIC AWAITS" IN THE HEART OF ONENESS.  Or another way of saying it . . .. MAGIC ABOUNDS . . . IN THE HEART OF ONENESS.

What does this mean to you?  SIMPLY THIS.

SATORI, as we embrace it at Celestiava Magic, is a profound release within your Inner Being that allows your outer layers to completely transform.  We're talking body - mind - patterns - beliefs - the whole of you.  All that makes you who you think you are comes into this beautiful dance, invited by your DEEPEST ESSENCE - and emerges from that ballet TRANSFORMED.  Far beyond alchemy.  This is metamorphosis of the most ethereal kind.


By truly unveiling and revealing within yourself - for yourself - all that you TRULY CAME TO BE.  ALL THAT YOUR ESSENCE ALREADY LIVES AS, AND EXPRESSES ITSELF TO BE, in its most whole - most true - most pure state.  LIVING AS LIGHT.

This class takes all you know of yourself and radically, profoundly, and magically swirls it in a brew of LIGHT that presents to you something deeper, something more, something divine . . . that IS YOU.

And then what?

Then . . . YOU SOAR.  Truly.  Beyond this realm.  Duality is no longer a trajectory of, nor paradigm for, YOU - YOUR LIFE - YOUR PRESENCE HERE ON EARTH.  This beautiful state of being - TRUE MAGIC - is the space where you have beheld and now hold . . . PURE ALIGNMENT with your truest, and deepest ESSENCE.

And what does that bring?

SACRED DESTINY.  Believe me when I say this . . . even if you THINK you are wholly on your soul path and BELIEVE you are fulfilling that most sacred destiny which is yours . . . you're not.  Why?  How can I know this?  Who would say such a thing?  BECAUSE . . . the frequencies of oneness - of LIGHT - of LOVE - have expanded into entire new dimensional realms through this summer solstice.  And every living being on earth now faces the extraordinary truth that . . . OUR SOUL DESTINIES are now being born brand new.

So, you may  have been a doctor or healer - now being called to farm the earth.  You may have been writing books and teaching - and now you are called to create beautiful soulful music.

Why does this matter?

BECAUSE . ... when we release THE SOUL's TRUEST JOY - by living OUR SACRED DESTINY . . . we enter a field of light that is the most amazing and creationally potent thing ever experienced.  This has never happened on earth before - and it is up to each of us to CHOOSE that destiny.  OUR TRUE MAGIC.  It lives inside of us, waiting to be released.  And we do that . . . by allowing, by inviting, and by shepherding into full presence . . . . THAT REVEALING.

This class - the last of our sacred classes designed for human beings - IS THE PATHWAY TO THAT REVEALING.  Our other future classes beyond this one . . . are all coming for BEINGS OF LIGHT - those who live in oneness and not in duality - yes, while here in this seemingly material and physical realm.  Those revealings for BEINGS OF LIGHT coming are THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT, THE SACRED TRUTHS OF LIGHT and THE SECRETS OF LIGHT.

We've come full circle.  With this class, the gateway and doorway into THE DEPTHS OF SACRED DESTINY FOR YOUR SOUL await you.  And if you think you have known or lived magic up to this point . . . you will EVER be amazed at how truly ethereally it works and creates in this NEW REALM.  In the heart of oneness.  SACRED LIGHT sculpting your life and all aspects of your beingness in ways you cannot yet fathom.

Magic, yes.  Ethereal and soul based, yes.  But mostly?  YOUR DEEPEST AND TRUEST TRUTHS OF BEING are about to be birthed, revealed, and integrated - in this class.

SATORI - a state of LIGHT whose time has come.  All BEINGS OF LIGHT must remember it before living as A LIGHT BEING.  Light Guides, Light Workers, and all the other terms being used right now for those awakening into higher frequencies . . . cannot expand past the frequency of the human paradigm.  SATORI does.  It is a state of LIGHT that cannot be denied.  And is the only way to LIVE AS WHO YOU TRULY ARE.

Are you ready?


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