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This class.  Is there anything more powerful?

"SHATTERED" came into being in a powerful, and long and winding way.  I can hardly even tell you how it happened.  A recurring "bad dream" kept coming.  Wow, was it powerful.  My energy, my state of being, my mind and my life all were impacted so powerfully by this dream.  It was as if I had no control - it came - it would  wind its way through me - and then it would leave until it returned from the shadows once more.

This process continued for several years.  Finally - TODAY - Father's Day 2016 - right before a full moon SUMMER SOLSTICE . . . I awoke in the morning fresh and clear - once more from this dream.  I realized I was not impacted energetically as I had been before - but I was still yearning and searching for its true meaning.  Its purpose.  The reason it kept coming . . .

It was bringing me . . . this gift:   "SHATTERED".

When we are heartbroken - when our lives are shattered in an infinite possibility of ways - we are broken.  Our lives reflect that brokenness.  Our view, our approach, our choices - and most importantly - our understanding of who we are and why we are here . . . is knocked out of this realm.  To say the least, this is a powerful time.

It doesn't really matter the why or how - betrayal, infidelity, tragedy, illness, grief - it can come in a million different packages.  But it comes bearing LOSS - and that loss breaks us in two.  WE ARE heartbroken.  And our lives are shattered.

Yet . . . and I speak from deep experience here . . . THE SHATTERED LIFE is not the same as A SHATTERED HEART.  It may surely feel to us as if our heart has shattered - broken into a million unrecognizable pieces - and taking us, who we are - and our lives - with it.  BUT THE HEART IS WISE..  THE HEART IS POWERFUL.  And truly THE HEART knows . . . THE WAY THROUGH.

This class is devoted to those of you who feel shattered - who stand at that potent space where you are heartbroken.  It doesn't matter WHY or HOW it happened; the process forward is always the same.

In the land of LIGHT - of SPIRIT - of LOVE . . . BEING SHATTERED is an alchemical event.  A Transformation that asks everything of you - and will give you everything in return.  It is about this:  seeing the beauty and light which can be unveiled in even the darkest and most impossible of times.  It is about allowing THE DARKNESS to change you into ever more spectacularly brilliant LIGHT.

This class is born as a gift to those who feel shattered.    Shattered into a million pieces.  We will create the magic in this class which allows you to reveal - and to make - something beautiful and awe-inspiring from the million shattered pieces of what is no more.  After?  You will be lighter - AND STRONGER - than you ever were before - and dream is ever possible.

Trust me - I promise you I know this process intimately.  It is my soul's gift to you - to every soul and heart that feels SHATTERED.

Join me for a most special, most tender, most amazing class.  ONE THAT RELEASES THE TRUE POWER OF YOUR HEART - OF LOVE, OF LIGHT, OF MAGIC - to transform within even the darkest of times.  A brilliant, beautiful creation awaits - IT IS YOU.  Let's begin now.

LoVe, Mandy


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