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How can I open my heart to give you a deep glimpse of what this creation holds?

LIVING BLISS is the powerful, soulful REFLECTION of the journey I, myself, have been blessed to take the past 21 months (as of this writing).  As much as I continually immerse myself in ALCHEMY and SOULFUL TRANSFORMATION . . . by choice :- ) . . . these past 21 months have been like nothing I have ever experienced in my whole journey of LIGHT.

And now, as I approach its conclusion and completion . . . the potion itself danced into the ethers of my heart and mind on JUNE 1, 2016 - urging me to offer it to you.  The process of its revealing to me of THIS NEW CLASS LAST NIGHT was magical - potent - and otherworldly.  I'll tell you  more about it in the class, but suffice it to say, it's nothing like we would imagine it to be, you nor I!

Along the way, this inner, mystical, sacredly powerful SOJOURN changed me.  It changed me in ways that make ALCHEMY seem like kindergarten - and not even the real thing.  It's been that powerful - that life altering - that completely holy and sacred.  And has left NOTHING in my life untouched.

You see, not quite two years ago . . . something unusual, for me - and magical, for anyone - came into being.  A POTION.  AN ESSENCE.  AN ELIXIR.  The truth is, I haven't quite yet found the perfect word or name to describe what it is . . . and that is part of its truth - part of its magic - part of its charm.  It can't be labeled.  IT CREATED ITSELF.  I just watched and followed its lead.

This very first POTION became THE VERY FIRST ESSENCE in a family of essences that have grown and blossomed and . . . well, exploded, to be quite honest . . . since that magical night 21 months ago.  That blend?  It called itself "THE BLISS BLEND".  And oh my goodness - it changed everything.

To be quite honest, I was unprepared for what it would bring.  To tell the truth, I had NO IDEA the power of inviting bliss in to your life.  And to be quite clear - I had NO REAL UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT I HAD TRULY BIRTHED OR CREATED THAT NIGHT.

It's alchemy in a bottle - yes.  But, then, most of my essences and potion creations are.  THIS IS DIFFERENT.  This is . . . well, it's like being in a mall, let's say, wandering with no clear trajectory, meandering at the whim and pull of the mall minutia - thinking you are right where you need to be.  Then - as if by magic - an escalator appears right before you - and you step on.  But it doesn't just go up or in one direction - it twists and turns and takes you in this magical way to every single "place" you never knew you needed or wanted to visit, to receive the gifts and blessings - powerful though they are - that will create within you . . . PURE BLISS.

Now, I won't lie - this journey did at times feel like something besides BLISS.  And yet - it, now, as I come to its completion - was easily the wisest, most potent, most transformative thing I have ever experienced . . . . and I have honestly had quite a lot of those.

So - why the class?  Well, everyone who has heard that I created something called BLISS - and learns of parts of its process in my own life - always says, "I WISH YOU WOULD SEND SOME OF THAT MY WAY!"  Since its creation, THE BLISS BLEND itself has not been offered - and now I know why - it's a potent transformative thing.  Alchemy in a bottle - yes.  AND FAR BEYOND THAT.

The potion is not offered in the shoppe on its own.  But she is ready to reveal her precious and potent magic in a very special way.  If you would like to experience THIS RARE, ALCHEMICAL being - "THE BLISS BLEND" - this class brings her to you in a very guided way.  This class INCLUDES "THE BLISS BLEND", presenting it to you in a way that will allow you to use it while being guided and directed through the journey by THE POTION itself - from one who has made it and completed its sojourn.  Why?  Well, to have a friend who has been there and gone ahead is a magical thing.  Yet, for me, the true power always comes when we trust and move on our own within our soul's direction.  So why offer a class?

Because . . . when you see and hear how THE BLISS BLEND unfolded through my life the past 21 months . . . you will be taking your own journey with extraordinary wisdom already  in place.  That wisdom?  The pure magic and pure power that unfolded through my life when this blend birthed.  You see, it's not that you can't do it on your own - you can!  And I encourage you to do so - I DID.

But, having completed the journey, I realized that what was given to me at the beginning - when the creation birthed - was a bit of a blueprint.  I hadn't looked at the writings which came into form in a flurry along with the potion - until last night past midnight - June 1st, 2016.  Having completed my 21 months of the CREATION . . . I was led to find the pages and lo and behold - I discovered . . . a bit of a map.  Steps that give you markers for the journey.  Every one's experience will be different - but these are the SACRED ELEMENTS that will unfold for you as you ENGAGE THE POWER OF BLISS within yourself.

I smiled to myself as I read what I had held in trust - but forgotten - for nearly the past two years.  Yes, a bit of a map - for the journey - just not for me.  But wonder why it was given, if I was not going to remember I had it or use it?  Ahhhh . . . . not long after that wondering - came the instruction for . . . LIVING BLISS.  A class about TRUE LOVE . . . and our most holy and sacred life coming into presence.  The thing that ignites and embodies our soul's . . . TRUEST BLISS.

This class is for you.  It's potent - powerful - and holds THE SACRED BLUEPRINT for embracing THE BLISS BLEND transformation into your own life.  It takes you deeply into the WISDOM and BLUEPRINT of the map for how the bliss blend transformation unfolds . . . and it reveals to you how it flowed through my own life.  A LIVING EXAMPLE shared with you along with the map . . . to heighten and illuminate your own JOURNEY INTO PURE BLISS.

We begin . . .. when you're ready!
LoVe & Blessings of Bliss,


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