Come open your heart, ignite your path, live your bliss
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Following our Eden's Light class,

A powerful new Light began to beckon.

She would not be denied - she demanded presence.

It was . . . THE PHOENIX's own  SOUL LIGHT.


She comes to INITIATE

The most transformative of  journeys.

To ignite the changes and the alchemy within you as a physical Being,

That will, when complete, prepare you to receive and to integrate



The GIFTS OF LIGHT . . . can only be yours when your body

Has transformed to  HOLD THEM.   TO LIVE THEM.   TO BE THEM.

  The Truths at The Heart  OF ONENESS.




The Phoenix is here.  Not what you think of her to be - certainly not what others have said her to be.  The Myth - The Legend - they are not truly SHE.  SHE IS . . . SO MUCH MORE.

As we begin the passage into ONENESS, it is this precious - powerful - dear soul of LIGHT who comes to ignite the transformation.  She illuminates the path before us . . . from the inside out.  She prepares our bodies and minds for the alchemy of the transition from materiality - and duality - into ONENESS.

She is the one who begins the journey for each of us - as we move into the frequencies where ONENESS is ours.  From there, THE GIFTS OF LIGHT - Truths, Revelations, and Secrets - are ours as our vibratory frequencies enable us to hold - and behold - higher aspects of life and the truths they hold.

THE PHOENIX.  She is a rainbow light.  She prepares physical forms for the journey into THE HEART OF ONENESS.  And she awakens the part of us which slumbers, unaware of who we truly are.

Once inside the chamber of light deep in the soul of each of us . . . she turns the reins over to a yet even higher aspect of LIGHT.  But from now until that moment . . . she will be your new best friend.  Guiding - illuminating - calling forth truths and presences from deep inside you that enable you to expand, to grow, and to release every last fear you hold.  THEN - you are able to enter THE LIGHT OF ONENESS.  And her magic is ever with you thereafter . . . as you grow and expand, as she has always done, into ever-higher fields of PURE LIGHT.  THE MATRIX OF CREATION - PURE LOVE.

IT is time.  SHE is here.  This is the most compelling of classes.  It's more like . . . a spa for your soul.  YOU WILL BE transformed.  YOU WILL BE initiated into the depths of your beingness.  YOU WILL BE . . . face to face with who you truly are at the center of your essence.

Come on!  It's time.  This is the beginning of and prelude to . . . ONENESS.  The Gateways have opened and life on earth reflects her presence here now for a very short time - as guide, revealer, and unveiler - of your truest journey.  THE DESTINY OF YOUR LIGHT.  IF your soul is calling, if the ethereal song of the phoenix is beckoning deep inside you . . . join us.  The passage into ONENESS is . . . pure alchemy.  And then some.

And it leads you to THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT, THE GIFTS OF ONENESS, and the purest light you hold inside you - becoming all of who you came to be.

We begin soon!  A most magical of journeys awaits you here . . . as we begin THE PRELUDES and TRANSFORMATIONS which take you to the space of ONENESS . . .  foundationed ethereally and celestially . . . to receive its LIGHT.  Its heart revealed to your own . . . when you are ready.  AND YOU ARE!

We begin soon.



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