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Eden's Light

Came about in an unusual way. 

A YEARNING, perhaps even an urgency . . . 

To Begin, or for some To Continue, the journey of expansion

By beginning to understand, and to embrace,

The Truths at The Heart





EDEN'S LIGHT is the beginning - the prelude, really - to the purest TRUTHS OF LIGHT :  those at the Center of Oneness.

For some, the process of awakening is a seemingly rapid thing.  For others, it can be a slow and gradual spiral encompassing an entire life.  Both are beautiful processes.  But the actual experience Of ONENESS can only be had when one is holding no fear - of any kind - about any thing.

That sounds like such a tall order, I have heard more than one "teacher" say it is not possible.  BUT IT IS.

In fact, it is the only way to truly EXPERIENCE . . . . ONENESS.  In truth - that is why many human beings die.  Death is the pathway through which they do eventually release every fear they hold and experience themselves as all that they truly are - BEINGS OF LIGHT.

Yet, if any part of your heart or your life is yearning for you to LIVE MORE WHOLLY AS WHO YOU TRULY ARE - the path to that - is always going to require, and be through, THE RELEASE OF YOUR FEARS.  Nurturing them does nothing to transform you.  It often only ingrains them.

THE SACRED TRUTHS OF LIGHT - which are THE HEART OF ONENESS - are too powerful to receive if you are still living or holding any fears.

So, magically "EDEN's LIGHT" was born.  The prelude of, and to, those very potent truths. These are alchemical.  They are metamorphic.  And they invite - and invoke - TRANSFORMATION at every level of your being.

The class is simple.  You take 3 months and allow the very simplest preludes OF LIGHT to flow into and through you.  WE explore them, we discuss them, we illuminate them.  They build and grow, and all the while you begin applying them to the moments which arise in your life.  This class can be combined with any of THE EDEN'S LIGHT ESSENCES or STARLIGHT SACRED WATERS which are available beginning March 21st, 2019.  Whatever you need, will be created and then will be made available.

Once you complete the first quarter, holding and now integrating the earliest PRELUDES OF LIGHT, you may then choose the next quarter, whose preludes build upon those in the first quarter.  After 4 quarters, you are complete in the PRELUDES and can stop there.  If you wish to continue the journey of BEING ALL OF WHO YOU CAME TO BE - LIVING AS A BEING OF LIGHT WHILE ON EARTH - then THE SACRED TRUTHS OF LIGHT will be available for you, beginning March 21st, 2020.

We begin soon.

If fear is still a part of you, despite an intentioned and soulfully led spiritual life - perhaps you'd like to get on with the magic of dissolving those fears.  And if this is your beginning, or early in your process of expanding into your own TRUEST BEING - then doing so within THIS FOUNDATION will be a remarkable thing.

This is how my own journey began.  It was critical that I have these embedded as my foundation, before I went very deep.  They transformed me in ways you cannot imagine - and yet, I am as different as day and night from most people I meet, because of them.  They weren't just A GIFT.  They were . . .  THE GREATEST GIFT. 

And now I am sharing them with you. . . . if you are ready to let go of duality.  To live as LIGHT.  To welcome and cultivate the highest frequencies of ONENESSTHE VERY HEART OF ONENESS cannot be stepped into while you are holding fear.  We are all here to choose.  Now is the time.

This began or was inspired as a brilliant and beautiful creation for anyone who may wish to go deeper into the foundation for HOLDING the magic - and the spiritual energies - we are all awakening into, consciously or not.  For those not just dabbling in their soul's presence - but choosing to truly take on the vibrational frequencies that will allow you to truly EMBRACE ALL OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE and CAME TO BE!

This option allows anyone to choose to go deeper into the foundation of LIGHT - upon which, and within which, they will be called upon to hold the gifts they are awakening within themselves.

We begin soon.



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