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CLASS:  27 - "DEEPENING . . .The Journey "

CLASS: 27 - "DEEPENING . . .The Journey "

$ 1,333.00

This came about in an unusual way. 

A YEARNING, perhaps even an urgency . . . 

For some to deepen their own foundation in LIGHT

As they take the "MAGIC IS AWAKENING" class. 

The "MAGIC IS AWAKENING CLASS" itself is a potent and powerful thing.  Jam-packed with all the light and magic one could imagine - and then some!  It is - truly - overflowing.

This add-on to the MAGIC IS AWAKENING class came not because the class itself was not deep.  It came, instead, as a brilliant and beautiful creation offered as a deepening of the class itself.  For anyone who may wish to go deeper into the foundation for HOLDING the magic they themselves are awakening in the MIA class.

This option allows anyone taking the MIA CLASS to choose to go deeper into the foundation of LIGHT - upon which, and within which, they will be called upon to hold the gifts they are awakening within themselves.

This DEEPENING of the class does two things.  It introduces you to "THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT".  They are the foundation of Light which flowed to me when I first began my journey.  They, also, are the PRELUDE  to . . . THE VERY POTENT, and POWERFUL, TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

Here's why, for some of you, this offering may be an important option, as you honor your own sacred path of AWAKENING.

 It was made clear to me, and repeated in every way imaginable along my journey - that you can OPEN TO and HOLD the LIGHT and the MAGIC of your own unique and individual gifts . . . ONLY TO THE DEGREE YOU HAVE THE SPIRITUAL FOUNDATION upon which - and within which - TO HOLD THOSE SAME GIFTS.

And it's true.  The world is run amok with people who have opened to their gifts and abilities, and have done so while holding fear or not developing strongly enough  the INNER FOUNDATIONS OF LIGHT, and TRUTHS OF LIGHT for them . . . upon which to actually hold those same gifts.  And what happens then?  They get overwhelmed.  They get frustrated.  Their bodies implode and their minds cannot discern the difference between the frequency of the heart or of the mind. 

And we've all been there.  The point is not to judge that part of the path or the journey, if we find that is what we are living.  Rather, THE ILLUMINATION is to recognize why those things are present, and what they ask of us . . .  as WE DEEPEN our own INNER LIGHT.


OUR INNER GIFTS are a magical thing. 

OUR SOULFUL LIGHT is our deepest resource. 

Tying the two together, and being certain we NOURISH and NURTURE the foundation and garden of the one . . . allows the other to grow into its true presence and power in the most beautiful and harmonious way.  Fast or slow, it doesn't matter - whatever your path, if you are not also integrating THE ENCHANTING TRUTHS OF LIGHT into your field, your body, and your knowing .  . . you'll find the journey can take quite a few twists and turns.  And they are divinely designed to potently and powerfully HALT YOU FROM USING YOUR GIFTS until you allow the foundation for wielding them to deepen.  To grow stronger.  To develop clarity.  And something else . . . TO BECOME YOUR OWN INNER KNOWING.

THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  They are a potent thing.  Perhaps still too powerful for the humans - most humans? - of this world at this time.  BUT THE FIRST TRUTHS OF LIGHT?  They are the prelude . . . the introduction.  And it's foolish to be living here on earth, as A Being of Light - or trying to remember how to become and live as one - without them.

If your path hasn't yet revealed them to you . . . :- ) . . . and I'm pretty certain it hasn't (because of something I know myself about them, a secret they hold in their very center) . . . then THE INTRODUCTION TO THEM - here and now - is yours to embrace.  IF YOU CHOOSE.

It will make your journey through THE MIA CLASS so profound, so potent, so multi-dimensional . . . because you will be changing and transforming the very foundation on which you look at the world around you as you go.  And one more thing.  You'll be finally beginning the process of ELEVATING THE VIBRATION INSIDE YOURSELF . . . to one that is more closely in harmony with the frequency needed in order TO RECEIVE . . . THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT.

This is just an optional add-on for THE MAGIC IS AWAKENING CLASS.  It runs simultaneously with your MAGIC IS AWAKENING CLASS purchase - whether you choose a single quarter or the annual options.  So if you purchase one quarter of MIA, you can add this listing at this price to that quarter.  If you choose the annual class initially, you can add this listing at this price to the remaining 3/4ths of the class (months 4-12). 

We have made this available by popular request for the souls of light TAKING our MAGIC IS AWAKENING class - who CHOOSE and FEEL LED TO . . . Deepen The Journey

By going

Powerfully and intentionally



These are the very first wisdoms which began and revealed my own journey.  THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT followed shortly thereafter.  And they did, in fact, change everything. 

If you
Want to open
To your inner gifts
And awaken your magic
Within the deepest foundation of light possible as you go . . . 

This Is Your Gift.

We begin soon.



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