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A Secret Of Light
Was given to me long ago.
It can take some getting used to.  And I admit I had to grow into the depths it held.  Yet, today, I am called TO SHARE it with you. 
It is this:
In every element of our life, storms eventually do come.  Be it relationship, physical body and health, our work, our spiritual journey, whatever . . . whenever . . . A STORM DOES COME.
And, as is the way of both Mother Nature and of The Realm Of Light . . . The Storms are - TRULY - "A GIFT".
But today, I'm not here to talk about STORMS.
The Wisdom that was given to me was simple - and potent - and profound.  It came at the very early places of my Journey:  My Own Personal Opening, and Awakening, into LIGHT . . . into PURE LOVE . . . into MY MAGIC and LIVING AS LIGHT.  BEING . . . WHO I TRULY AM.
It is ever one of the cornerstones OF THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT.  Yet, it is not itself actually held there, As . . . A TRUTH OF LIGHT.
Rather, it is A Secret.  Something which can be held in your heart as you traverse the soul*ful journey of becoming all of who you truly are inside.
A simple question you ask yourself . . .
Wen things seem amiss and to be going awry. 
*     *     *
WHAT IF . . .
There Is Actually
NOTHING Wrong ? ? ?
That's it.  That is . . . THE SECRET.  It holds a realm, and truth be told entire worlds, Of Truths of Light within its veils.  Care to explore?
Come with me, on a journey that changes everything.  A Journey that takes a simple, easy to remember question . . . and transforms YOU, one moment at a time.
This is deep, yes.  It is potent, oh my, ever so.  And it is far more powerful than you may guess or imagine it to be.  Why?  And How? 
Because it encompasses all of the deeper truths of light - of spirit - of love . . . OF LIVING AS BEINGS OF LIGHT . . . right there, in its magically simple few words.  Ponder it.  This is not about hoping for the best.  This is about honoring the creation before you AS ALL IT CAME TO BE.
Watch.  This simple thing can utterly transform your life.  It will remove every obstacle in your path, illuminate your way through the shadows and darkness as you discern a higher light.  And it will do something else.  It will introduce you to this:  YOUR FEARLESS LIGHT.
Ready?  We begin at the summer solstice.  Open enrollment for three months, from now, March until June.  Sign up and receive your interactive materials between now and the class beginning - which will help you prepare yourself for this most magical JOURNEY OF LIGHT.
Come to class with your worries, your challenges, your triumphs and your struggles.  They are your tools.  We will explore ways of seeing them in a new light, finding hidden pathways through and to and around them - and transform your own relationship with FEAR in the process.
It's a brilliant class.  AND IT IS ONE OF OUR VERY SHORTEST EVER - 3 months.  With a second 3 month session available if the first segment is completed.  We won't solve everything in your life.  But we will, in three months, open every pathway inside you that will place you in a new position of leadership, and relationship, with whatever is causing you worry.  From there, you simply apply what you've learned to your life, transforming it as you go, both through the class, and after.
Transformation?  OH YES.  And you hold all the keys, we're just going to illuminate them for you.
We're ready.  Are you?



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