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In some epic way, we think of death - sometimes - as a lonely land.  A Space we go to, and through, when we must.  But rarely, if ever, chosen from a space of great knowing, of wisdom, of purpose.  CHOICE. A SACRED CHOICE.  It's not something we often think of in terms of death.

Yet, my knowing of death is completely and utterly - most likely - the opposite of yours.

Something to be embraced - as deeply and completely as you may embrace your love of physical or material life.  Something to be peered into with deep awe and soulful wonder - as you might the presence of a newborn life rising up beside you or from within you.

And, yes, something to be cherished - as deeply and wondrously as you cherish your very own breath.


Why take these

Very unusual, startling,

Mind-defying approaches to death?

Well, my life has taught me something about Death.  (And you notice, I am still here ;- ).)  Something the world around me rarely - if ever - seems to know or to see.  Or even to contemplate.  And surely not to live - not TRULY.

What I do see in everyone I know, it seems - is a deep and abiding fear of death.  Even in those who say they are ready to meet their maker.  Even within that chosen paradigm, they still run from death, or so it seems to me - rather than surrendering to that moment and process when they think it may have found them.  If most of us think DEATH - or even the possibility of it - may be lurking nearby, or that we may have begun the journey into it . . . we seem to all, to a one, run - and strive - and desperately move in harrowed haste to try everything to stem the tide towards it.

And why is that?  Is it some LOVE OF LIFE which propels us scrambling away?  No.  I don't think so.  It seems to me to be a deep and abiding fear - of death.  Of Leaving.  Of Being No More.

Now, we are not here to talk about religious beliefs.  That is a personal and soulful paradigm crafted on already formed foundations of chosen truths.  Rather, I want to talk with you about where your CONSCIOUS, HUMAN, MIND*ful beliefs about death come from - and, more importantly, take you.

Humans were not always so fearful.  Humans have not always run from death at all costs.  Humans have not always failed to see and honor the embrace of sacred, soulful creation which even the possibility of death presents to us all, in our hearts and our souls.

And you should know this: 






Probably more sacred than most here on earth ever fathom living it to be.  So this is not about CHOOSING DEATH over life.  Rather, I see DEATH as being just as SACRED a journey as BIRTH - and to be just as sacred an unfolding AS LIFE ITSELF.

And why have this conversation, at all?  Because . . . here's the thing.  I think we've all been duped.  And in that duping, we are going to learn - and eventually find out - that something PRECIOUS has been taken away from us.  Something we ourselves gave up . . . because we chose not to look too deeply beneath the surface of our fears.

And, in the end, fear it is.  Fear of leaving.  Fear of what may lie beyond.  Fear of what comes and the form it may take.  Fear of the journey and fear of the path as it unfolds in our own bodies and lives and forms.  Even fear for those we would leave behind to fend for themselves - as if we, ourselves, are the only savior.

And yet . . . there is such a beauty, such a "spirit of light" presence, and such a power - waiting for us.  NOT in our dying - though that is likely true.  But more, waiting for us in our living, as we change and expand our knowing of death.

And why?  Why do this?  Why . . . go there?  We don't want to - just listen to the thoughts circling round in your mind right now, as you have read this little bit about death, lol!

The reason for going there
Is because . . . IT FREES US. 
And it gives us a precious, potent gift. 

Something we can receive in no other way, as long as our  "usual mindset" and "typical human approach" calls the shots - both in our lives, and in our thoughts.

You see, there IS  a magical way.  And that is my way.  I wasn't looking for it or trying to discover it or even to create a different way.  IT FOUND ME !  And, as with all great spiritual or metaphysical or mystical discoveries . . . it holds great wisdom for PHYSICS and PHYSICAL LIFE.  If we but allow it to reveal its knowing, its wisdom, its deeper presence of living life here on earth - TO US.

This is THAT KNOWING.  This class embodies THAT WISDOM.  And this is the pathway for opening up within yourself . . .  THE DEEPEST GIFT OF LIFE you may  ever hold.  By peering deeply and soulfully into A NEW VIEW OF DEATH.

It will change you - as it has me - I promise you that. 


It will also ignite  A FIRE OF LIFE inside you unlike anything

You have probably ever experienced before. 



But do you know what the effect, and impact, of this wisdom truly is?  IT IS:  FEARLESS LIVING.  And it is precious - rare - and awe-inspiring.

If you're ready to open your heart, and the doorways deep inside of you, to release more of THAT - lots more! - then join us.  For a magical discovery about how DEATH holds a key . . . TO YOUR MOST SOUL*FUL LIFE.

I'm ready.  I've lived this truth for a long time now.  It's ready to be shared.  With you.  If you're ready to transform yourself, into all that you came to be: 


And so shall it be.  :- )


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