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CLASS: 01 - "MAGIC AWAITS" . . .

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As you expand more deeply into ONENESS.

Of that there can truly be no doubt.
The question is . . . are YOU living it ? ? ?
Are you moving deeply into ONENESS and EMBRACING
OF LOVE ? ? ?
*  *  *
Is where our truest gifts are born.
It is the space where PURE LOVE births
Ever new, ever higher, frequencies of LIGHT.
This is where we live when we no longer exist
Within the duality of our old world
. . . In Fear.


This class is being taught of, and from, the HEART OF ONENESS. It is powerful - by design. :- )

Are you receiving all the gifts of Light, all the higher energies of Love - and, ever most importantly - all the WISDOMS to awaken your own INNER BEAUTY, POWER, and TRUEST LIFE???

If you are anywhere on the scale of "no" to "almost" - then this class is for you. 

LIKELY . . . it is what you've been waiting for.  It opens you to the power and presence of higher energies around you - these are LOVE.  It expands your intellectual capacities and frequencies so that you can BEHOLD and COMPREHEND deeper gifts that are already there inside of you.

And it does something even more precious. 

It brings you - in a gentle way - face to face with your soul, your essence, your innermost being of wisdom.  And that changes you.  It allows you to FEEL MORE DEEPLY your own inner and highest voice of wisdom.  It beckons you to trust the path your heart is drawing you to, even though you are afraid or not confident enough in yourself to take it. 

And it gives you this: THE KNOWING OF THE PATHWAYS inside yourself for opening to - awakening within - and living powerfully and blissfully . . . your own truest gifts and abilities.

These gifts and abilities all come from the depths of your heart * your soul * your essence.  They await you - your recognition - your commitment - your openness.  And then they take the lead.  They expand your mind, deepen your inner knowings, and they powerfully set you on the path to BLISS.  To having the inner knowing and outer confidence to use your gifts and abilities to both welcome - and to create - your best and truest life. 

A life of Bliss.  Beauty.  And Magic.  These are where your true power lies.  Your mind cannot create this for you.  It takes a higher vibration.  One you already hold inside you.  What is your destiny?  Do you know?  YOUR SOUL DOES.  This class is about opening to all the gifts and blessings and discoveries that will bring to you the greatest joy and deepest wisdom.

What more could we ask . . . or wish for :- )?

A MAGICAL, POTENT, TRULY BEAUTIFUL LIFE AWAITS YOU . . . you just have to be ready for it.  This class will bring you to it . . . with all that you need ever awakening within you.  THE PRINCIPLES OF LIGHT at the CENTER OF ONENESS guide this class.  As such, I hold no fear.  I know you will be perfectly guided about what is best for you.  And I invite and invoke - and embody - the fully flowing, freely loosed spirit of PURE LIGHT in this class. I trust completely in the flow as it comes and I guide you to do the same.

You can see a short video clip from the original class below.

This "MAGIC AWAITS" class is a year-long class and you may begin at any time.  It is offered both on an annual basis and with quarterly elements, in case you wish to pay as you go.  Once you join, WISDOMS FOR THE CLASS are released in the perfect flow.  There is a small, one-week break between quarters to allow for reflection, contemplation and any quarterly payment processing.  THE CENTER OF ONENESS dictates our pace - which will be the flow of light that is most beneficial.  You have access to all the materials as they flow and can go at your own pace.  Some weeks will be heavy, some will be light.  Sometimes it might feel like a flood or even a storm, and you may encounter weeks of quiet integration, or to catch your breath. 


Whatever it is - our magical class opens with the premise that . . .  AT THE CENTER OF LIGHT THERE IS NO FEAR - ONLY LOVE.  And we want that full body of knowledge and wisdom and magic to be made available to each person in the class in its whole and entirety, as it chooses to reveal itself to us for the class - so that each of you can truly go at your own pace, receive what is best for you AS CHOSEN BY YOUR SOUL OR ESSENCE.  Even if your mind or body gets overwhelmed, you will at least be bathed in the frequencies which can take seed beneath the surface and gestate until it is time for you to explore them more deeply - which your soul and essence will ever choose, and guide.

In this way, you walk away from the class when it completes HAVING RECEIVED ALL THE RAW LIGHT AND ENERGY which your soul can use for the most true and pure awakening into your own magic for you going forward.  ONE GUIDED WHOLLY BY . . . THE FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT at THE CENTER OF ONENESS - and YOUR ESSENCE.  This class is based upon THE HEART OF ONENESS.  We proceed at the flow of spirit which emanates from the highest frequency OF ONENESS.  And that is the pace and the flow where we all will find our truest and purest alignment.

Pure alignment breeds miracles.  And it opens doorways and pathways that are hidden within a graduated flow.  This is a class that TRUSTS COMPLETELY IN THE POWER OF ONENESS.  And only asks of you . . .  ARE YOU ALL IN?

This class is designed to be a soul*ful  blessing, pure and simple.  One created entirely from the frequencies at the heart of oneness.  It's MAGICAL.  It's ALCHEMY.  And it is so much more fun than you can imagine.  It is also . . . a gift we each give to ourselves.

Is it time . . . for you . . . to give this gift to yourself?


Though we explore deeply what MAGIC IS . . .
we find, in the end, it all comes down to us.


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