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"Caring For Your Body . . . Means Meeting Your Soul" - A CHARMED CLASS

"Caring For Your Body . . . Means Meeting Your Soul" - A CHARMED CLASS

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There is no place so wholly garnering our attention in this world, it would seem . . . than our physical forms.  Our bodies become, for most of us, the focal point of our very lives.  Perhaps at best, our highest inspiration becomes to think of our bodies as being a temple for our soul.  The space where our highest self resides, the vessel holding our most sacred self.

Yet - in truth - that is not really true.  Why?

Because, our bodies themselves are not separate from - nor even defined by something other than - OUR ESSENCE.  Getting to know this part of yourself - deeply, intimately, profoundly - will change everything you think you know.  And especially so about . . . health, physical bodies, and living here in this realm as human beings.

It is an infinite subject - the power of its reach in knowledge and wisdom is mind-boggling.  QUITE LITERALLY!  Your mind cannot conceive of all the truths our bodies hold - quite simply, because those truths are held in a higher field of Light, of knowledge, of wisdom.

BUT THEY ARE OUR TRUTHS.  They are the blueprint and wisdom our bodies - each and every one - ascribe to and exist within.  Even if we think differently with our minds.  There are far more powerful abilities and powers living within you than those housed in your mind.  Opening the pathways to get to know your hidden abilities and gifts is not just a precious thing - it is not even a soulfully ecstatic thing . . . it is, after all, WHY WE ARE ALL HERE.  IT IS WHY WE HAVE COME.  And - most importantly - it is the very path which allows us to create OUR TRUEST, MOST BLESSED, MOST BLISSFUL LIFE.

Ready for that?  We begin here.  In the understanding of how your body truly works.  And to do that, it's time to meet THE LIGHT AT THE CENTER OF YOUR BEING - your ESSENCE.

There's no other way to truly live a happy - much less HEALTHY - life while here on earth.  One and all, we thrive when this knowledge integrates with our own.  Isn't it time you freed the power of your own body?  Of course it is!  You can begin here, with this simple - yet deeply illuminating - CLASS!

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