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"BLESSED & BLED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

"BLESSED & BLED" - Phoenix Rose Essence

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While not often spoken - or understood - the flow of blood is A Sacred Thing.

But this essence is not about blood.

It's about LIFE FORCE.

While most of humanity thinks of life force as being something which flows through our bodies - it is something much more.  Going far beyond our science, or even metaphysics, or even truly our knowing of life . . . there is another aspect of LIVING LIFE FORCE which is true to every Being.

While too deep to go into here, it is IGNITED BY LIGHT, the vibration of PURE LOVE & ONENESS.  And it is held in the body or form of our physical matrix - to the extent we know ourselves to be more than that.  So believing yourself to be a physical being - limits you.  Deeply.  Profoundly.  Entirely.  It tethers you to truths of the physical existence of life which are not actually true any longer here - for any of us.

Enter . . . THIS SACRED ESSENCE.  This allows your body to reclaim its true state of being - gifting and bestowing upon itself the avenues, pathways, and gateways into . . . ITS TRUEST NATURE.  That of Light.  During this process - which is, yes, one of deep transformation - you allow REBIRTH.  Of every cellular matrix present within you - AS WELL AS, and perhaps most importantly - YOUR THOUGHTS and FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.  You can only do this if you are ALL IN.  Committed - like a sacred covenant - to allowing your body, your form, to reflect outwardly all of your own True Inner Light.

This is a huge blessing and gift to your body.  Your form unfurls its vibrations, held ever closely to its center, and begins living THE TRUTH OF ITS DEEPEST BEING.  As you do so . . . blessings of light and knowings of materiality begin to take presence inside you.  As you welcome these - bless them - grow deep in your understanding of them . . . and embrace not a drop of fear at their presence - YOU ARE REBORN.

And somewhere in the blessings and gifts of that process . . .  your body will bleed.  In the old way.  When that happens . . . you have released the gateway inside yourself whereby you now vibrate wholly as LIGHT.  And the transformation - an alchemical one - continues ever more deeply.  As high as your vibration can go . . . that deeply can your body be blessed.  By this most precious of gifts . . .  PURE LIGHT.

When you're ready - when you hear the call - when you feel this essence beckoning to you directly . . . put on your dancing shoes.  And step into her magical circle of light.  You will be forever more changed as the metamorphosis of body and mind take priority - front and center - in anticipation of you welcoming . . . ONENESS and its purest light into your being.

The changes have begun.  This ESSENCE comes to guardian and guide the way.


I ever do ;- ).



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