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Oh my goodness - really???  Whatever is THIS essence about?

First, she's a connundrum - because in THE REALM OF LIGHT and in ONENESS itself . . . there is no true blemish or illness - so there is no healing because nothing is wrong.  Bold thoughts, those are, I know.  But true for BEINGS OF LIGHT.

So what is THIS SACRED ESSENCE coming to say, to gift to us, with a name like that?

Well, ever mindful of human thoughts, she is wickedly clever.  She comes to remind us that all healing truly comes not from THE REMOVAL or DISAPPEARANCE of something we feel threatened by - or fear - or judge as not belonging.  True healing comes from . . . realizing what is there holds a gift and a perfection that our soul is asking us to discover.  THE PRESENCE OF THAT WHICH WE SEE AS A BLEMISH - is actually - perfection.

"BLEMISH HEALED" is an essence that reminds us to . . . see that which is judged as imperfect, not beautiful, threatening, or unwanted . . . as not needing to be different.  See it - in the human thought process - as already healed.  Already perfect.  Already part of . . . a magical solution to something which, though hidden from our sight and our mind, is actually unfolding quite beautifully.

True healing begins with . . . changing our viewpoint.  Most helpful?  Beginning by changing the terms we use.  BLEMISH already categorizes something as not belonging . As not beautiful.  As unwanted.  Change that perspective . . . and you heal it.  Right then.  Right there.  Not because it is any different - but because you yourself change.  And that change in you transforms your relationship with it.  And it all flows in a beautiful sense of . . . higher perfection than was at first easy to see.

We hold a lot of power in our beings.  BEINGS OF LIGHT understand that labels and terms set the framework and foundation for a lot of what becomes hard work ever after.  THIS ESSENCE comes to illuminate a higher, easier, more true path - one where YOU YOURSELF become the power of transformation enacted in your life - your body - and the world.

OH, she's potent.  She takes nothing for granted.  And she asks of you this: THAT YOU TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU CREATE.  Your terms and labels create a viewpoint - she comes to open you to new ways of doing that from a higher space of Light.  And then, well . . . MAGIC happens.  Because ONENESS is closer than you then think - and you have set the tone for allowing its magic to take presence all around, and within you, in THE most enchanting of ways.

This is a beautiful essence. I consider her a deep friend.  She reminds us . . . nothing is truly wrong - until we make it so.  Therefore, the power to heal . . . is also, then . . . OUR OWN.  She's magical  She teaches a new language.  THE LANGUAGE OF LIGHT.  Watch how that unfolds in your life through her presence . . . a guiding light, indeed!  And more.


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